Arctic Air Review: Is It Keeping Air Cool?

Arctic Air is a personal air cooler, humidifier and air purifier – all in one. Does it work after playback? This is our Arctic Air overview.

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Across the Arctic

Arctic Air is a lightweight, portable room cooler equipped with a programmable digital thermostat, LCD display and a two-speed fan. Official website, with a registration date of August 2017. The following screenshot was taken from the product website in September 2017.

Arctic air overview

Claims and features

  • Compact and portable air cooler
  • Refreshes, moisturizes and cleans.
  • Built-in thermostat with programmable timer
  • LCD display (clear and easy to read)
  • 350 watts
  • A silent two-stage fan
  • Works on an area of 45 square meters.
  • Power supply via standard or USB connection
  • Does not harm the environment (does not use Freon)


Arctic Air costs $39.98 + $1.00 for web services for a total of $40.98. Payment can be made in full or in two instalments of US$19.99. There is an optional double proposal for a separate royalty of $19.99, which would bring the total to $60.97. Delivery is free of charge for all offers. At the time of writing Arctic Air was not commercially available.

Study of Arctic Aviation

When I first saw the Arctic Air commercial, it reminded me of the cold air version of Handy Heater, which was one of the most popular videos on YouTube last year. Handy Heater is a small heater, while Arctic Air is a small heater and a cooler. What seems strange to me is when the Arctic air appears in late summer. Advertising for comfort heaters increased at the end of 2016, just as the warm autumn weather subsided. Arctic air first appeared in the late summer of 2017, when there was little demand for it. When, in 2018. Arctic Air started its advertising blaitz, which seems to confirm that its test marketing campaign was a success by the end of 2017.

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Let’s take a good look at Arctic air. It’s a space cooler that works by evaporation. In other words, it’s a fan that blows air over the water. Your description sounds a little more impressive: A compact and environmentally friendly personal air cooler that extracts warm air from the room via an evaporative water filter to humidify it during cooling! Arctic Airâ„¢ cools, humidifies and cleans dust particles for better air!

Inside there is a fairly large filter that can be easily removed. Replaceable filters are currently priced at $10 (at and should last about 6 months. The website says that it removes particles from the air, but the manual says that it is a water filter, so it is not clear what exactly is filtered.

A good aspect of this product is that it blows cold air over you, and the air it generates is cooler than a standard fan that only moves the air. This is no different than misters that spray a fine mist in the desert and can remain cool even at very high temperatures. The reality is that you probably have to sit right in front of it to feel a strong cooling effect. Although the site claims to be able to cool 45 square meters of space, the reality is that you want to be in the spotlight to make a big difference.

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Arctic Air can be powered via USB or a standard power outlet. I could use it with the USB port of my computer and even with the power supply of Solar Juice Pro. When I came out with a light breeze, I could still feel it a few meters away, but I wouldn’t say the fan was strong.

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Arctic air would contain about 750 minutes of water (compared to 600 minutes when filling). This is not mentioned in the manual, but it works best in very cold or even ice-cold water. Another factor to take into account is humidity. If you are in an environment with high humidity, I don’t expect a lot of lighting, because evaporative cooling works best at a lower humidity (probably around 60% or less).

I tested Arctic Air next to a $9 Walmart fan, and it blew really cooler than a cheap fan. However, the normal fan went more out of the air, somewhat negating the advantage of Arctic air. The Walmart fan can also be vertically adjusted, which is not possible with Arctic Air.

The last thing that is not clear at first is that you should clean this unit and the humidifier regularly, especially if you leave water in the tank after use. You’re gonna want your expectations for something like this to be low. User proximity, humidity, and fan performance are all highly subjective factors that will determine your satisfaction with this product.

Update : In 2019, Arctic Air Ultra entered the shelves. You can read my full evaluation here, or see my evaluation below.


You will find numerous personal space coolers on the internet and in the shops. This $27 model uses ice cubes, not water. If you want to move to a slightly higher price range, you’ll find more powerful models like this $150 evaporative air cooler with a modest 3.3 star rating. It should be noted that most room coolers in this size and price range fall into the 3-star consumer category, as you can see by scrolling down to compare other models on this product page. It seems that consumers tend to want more of these devices than they can provide.

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Relevant inspection

The video below is a good demonstration of the evaporation work and does not work in a dry or humid climate. In this video I used cooling wipes in Las Vegas and two neighborhoods in Maui (which also work on the evaporation principle).

Arctic aerial photographs

What do you think of Arctic Air? Leave a comment below and the star rating is higher, so we know what you’re thinking.

Updated April 2018



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