Atomic Beam SunBlast Review: Does this Solar Powered Light Work?

Atomic Beam SunBlast is a robust LED light that is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is charged by a solar panel. Does it really work? Here’s my review of The Atomic Sunbeam.

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On the SunBlastatomic beam

Atomic Beam SunBlast is a wide angle LED lighting with solar panel, motion detector and industrial adhesive for mounting. The official website of the product is, which was registered in November 2017. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in February 2018

Overview of the sunshine

Claims and features

  • The light of night
  • Battery powered (lithium-ion battery charged by solar energy)
  • 180 degree motion sensor with a range of 25 feet
  • Flat LED panels powered by solar energy
  • Long-term weatherproof production
  • Upper bottom


Shipping costs for Atomic Beam SunBlast are $19.99 + $7.99 for a total of $27.98. There is a double bid option that costs $29.98 + $7.99 for shipping, for a total of $37.97. The Atomic Beam SunBlast Deluxe version with a brighter, cleaner light and lifetime warranty costs $24.99 + $7.99 for a total of $32.98. Two luxury units and a bonus atomic jet flash can be purchased for a total of $57.97. I found a $20 SunBlast atomic beam at the local Fry.

Atomic radiation Sunshine Sight

As you can see in TV marketing, marketers have a long love affair with light products. In recent years we have seen offers such as InstaBulb, Click Color, Zapper Buglight, Rope Light, Underlight, BreezeLite, Motion Brite, Mighty British switch, LyfeLite, ZappLight, Flexi Lites and Brite switch. In addition, last year many objects were excavated in the attic, which have been renamed atomic rays. So today we have another lightweight product called Atomic Beam SunBlast.

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The SunBlast atomic beam is sunlight activated by motion. To use Atomic Beam SunBlast, just place it on the south side and let it charge in the sunlight. When the sun sets, the SunBlast atomic beam always lights up when it detects movement. It is ideal for driving or for outside doors.

My experience with this type of projector is positive, although I have heard on YouTube from readers and viewers who are satisfied with this type of product to varying degrees. I think most consumers will find a SunBlast atomic bundle that can withstand rain, snow, cold and heat. I’m also convinced that motion detection will work up to 25 feet, as advertised. In fact, I’ve noticed that it often lights up when cars in front of my house pass far beyond their designated radius of 25 feet.

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I was quite surprised by the brightness of the SunBlast atomic beam in the high position. By placing it on the same spot where I placed the EverBrite 18 months ago, it is much brighter and competes with a rope lighthouse. For the sunlight, the brightness is impressive.

Two possible complaints: placement and installation. You cannot install it under the ledge, in your house or anywhere else where sunlight is limited. I have a covered terrace where this light would be perfect, but without direct sunlight it wouldn’t work. The south-facing exterior wall is optimal, but not all consumers will necessarily want to commit to this option. In my case, the front of the house faces south, so I was lucky to have this light above my street. There are two mounting options, screws and tape. If you decide to use tape as recommended in the instructions, you cannot adjust the up/down setting without removing it completely. I unscrewed it so I could tilt it so far that I could put my finger behind the camera to change the setting.

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Watch all my videos below.


You can find many solar panels that offer a similar design, such as this unique device with 48 LED lights for $20.

The discussion about Atomic Beam SunBlast would be incomplete without mentioning EverBrite, a very similar product that has been on the shelves for over a year. This article introduces a solar panel, motion detection and similar installation possibilities. I installed my EverBrite in October 2016 and it ran for 13 months until the internal battery ran out. You can see my complete overview of EverBrite in the integrated playlist below.

Below is a list of all marked products that I have watched on TV, starting with EverBrite.

Umbrella atomic radiation

Did you use Atomic Beam SunBlast or something? Leave a comment below and rate the stars above to tell us what you think.



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