Battle Vision Reviews: Durable polarized sun lenses

Battle Vision is HD tactical sunglasses that improve vision by blocking glare. Do they work in harmony with advertising? Here’s our Battle Vision review.

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About the Combat Vision

Battle Vision is a durable polarized pair of sunglasses that improves brightness, brightens colors and protects against UV rays. Official website, registration date – October 2017. The next screenshot was taken from the product website in January 2018.

Revision of the battle vision

Below is a screenshot of this product when it was called Sniper Vision and was strongly promoted around September 2017. You can see that many elements of the website are similar, as is the design of the product itself.

Visual control by a sniper

Claims and features

  • Less sunshine
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare
  • UV protection and colour enhancement
  • Flexible shape memory polymer
  • Brilliant optics and high resolution
  • 10 times clearer.


Battle Vision Sunglasses cost $19.99 with free shipping. You can add a second unit for $9.99 extra. You can also purchase an upgrade to Deluxe Double, which includes night vision goggles and Battle Vision sunglasses. Each unit comes with a protective cover. At the time of writing this article, Battle Vision was not available in stores.

Combat Vision Review

As we see on amateur TV, I often find it funny that competitors produce almost identical products at the same time. You’ve probably seen a rivalry like that with the Gotham Steel Crisper vs. Copper Crisper or the Hurricane Spin Scrubber vs. Turbo Scrubber or all those copper pans (and those are just a few examples). In September 2017 a product called Sniper Vision appeared on the market, which I called BulbHead’s answer to a popular competitor then called Tac Glasses.

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It was a long battle between Emson’s Tac brand and Telebrands’ Atomic brand, also known as BulbHead. In advertising, both options include military images (sometimes almost funny), outdoor speakers (Nick Bolton versus Hunter Ellis) and seem to produce almost identical products at about the same time. Battle Vision is sold as an Atomic bar to be associated with this brand even if the word Atomic is not used in the name.

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At the end of 2017 it turned out that the Tac Points had won the battle, because they continued to swim in popularity while the vision of the sniper had disappeared. However, we now have what appears to be the second incarnation of Sniper Vision, renamed Combat Vision. Will she be able to win the battle against Tuck in the second round?

The promoted advantage of Battle Vision is that it helps you to see objects that you can’t see with the naked eye. ┬áThis is achieved through the use of polarized lenses that reduce glare, enhance color and protect against UV. Unlike tactical glasses, the manufacturers of Battle Vision glasses also point out that the frames are stable and can be bent without fear of breakage.

The ad is a kind of lounge tower, where the Statue of Liberty can be seen using Battle Vision, but not with the usual sunglasses. The same trick could be seen in the Tac Glasses commercials, but with an eagle. This is a trick that works with any set of polarized sunglasses and doesn’t show how they work in everyday use.

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Just like the Tac glasses, I think that those who buy Battle Vision glasses will probably find suitable UV polarized sunglasses. I’m not sure how they differ from other polarized UV sunglasses, but they should help reduce glare and improve color as advertised. Regarding the military images presented in the advertisements for these glasses and the Tac glasses, a YouTube commentator summarized them as follows: As a former soldier and now proud to be a veteran, I don’t see this as military or tactical. They’re masses of civilian sunglasses, but they’re not tactical.

In short, although I can’t find a flaw in Battle Vision, you can easily go to any Walmart and find cheap UV polarized sunglasses equivalent to Battle Vision and tactical glasses. And you can do it without waiting weeks for them to come in the mail.

One of the last things to consider is the shape and design. Although you’ll probably find nice sunglasses, I’m not sure everyone likes their looks. A reflective rainbow design cannot be elegant for everyone. The problem with ordering sunglasses without fitting them first is that you have to pay and wait for them to ship before you know if you like your face.

See my complete overview of Battle Vision below.


Many tactical sunglasses are sold in shops and on the internet. These COSVER polarized sunglasses are quite similar in design and features to Battle Vision and cost about $20 with shipment from Amazon Prime. This model from Torege has an even higher rating, around $22, and offers five interchangeable lenses for different situations.

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Relevant inspection

Maybe you are interested in my Tac Videoglasses, which looks a lot like Battle Vision.

Exploring your vision on the combination

What do you think of the Battle Vision? Leave a comment below and the star rating is higher, so we know what you’re thinking.

Updated in February 2018.



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