Bavarian Edge Review: Does this Sharpener Knife Work?

The Bavarian blade is an innovative knife sharpener with independent spring-loaded handles. Does it work after playback? Here is our overview of the Bavarian region.

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About the region of Bavaria

The Bavarian Edge is an inexpensive knife sharpener with double spring handles made of strong but flexible tungsten carbide. The official website is, the registration date is May 2017. The following screenshot was taken from the product website in June 2017.

Bavarian border control

Claims and features

  • Quick sharpening of the blades with the independent spring-loaded handles.
  • Compatible with smooth or serrated knives
  • Made of durable and flexible tungsten carbide
  • Dull or damaged sheets
  • Lifetime money back guarantee


The Bavarian border costs $19.99. Delivery is free of charge. A double option is proposed for a separate amount of $9.99, bringing the total to $29.98. With the update of February 2018 you can now find the Bavarian region in the shops for about 20 dollars.

Bavarian border inspection service

There’s something in the knives and the ads that looks like a couple in paradise. I think the love affair dates back to the advertising of Ginsu knives in the 1970s, but it’s the As Seen category in television products that seems to be coveted by marketers and consumers. Today I’m going to take a look at the Bavarian Edge, a knife sharpening machine with a spring mechanism that bends at every blade or angle and creates contours for a perfect razor edge in no time!

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It has not much to do with the Bavarian edge, except that the knife has to be held between the carbide sharpeners several times. The movement you use is no different from that of conventional sharpeners, although these double sharpeners move and bend the blade. Because it moves and adapts to your movement, it is more consistent with the angle in which you place the blade. For me one of the biggest advantages is the possibility to sharpen the knives with notches, although when sharpening you have to be careful to keep the knife at the right angle.

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I have to say I use the word grinder as in the advertisement, although my friend Richard Kline from Cutlerley House (as you can see in the video below) points out that this is actually a grinder and not a real grinder.

Perhaps the only negative point is that smaller, thinner knives are more difficult to sharpen near the handle. I can also find a small bug in the product. It has an attractive design and a very useful function.

I’d probably do some demonstrations in a commercial with a grain of salt. For example, I was able to imitate the credit card trick by sharpening a credit card and cutting a tomato with it, but I’m not sure that the demonstration in the real world will lead to an effective knife sharpener. When I tried to tighten the other side of the credit card, it didn’t work.

According to the advertisement, a magic knife sharpener is waiting for you, who can turn a potato into a precise cook’s knife. In reality, however, you will probably find a decent trigger that works on blades that already have a decent edge. It should function in the same way as other cheap walk-in moulds.

After several months of advertising and test marketing I finally found the Bavarian region in the shops here in Las Vegas in February 2018. You can see my video below in which I asked two other YouTubers to help me evaluate this product.


Although the design of the Bavarian Far North seems unique, there are more of these systems on the market. The classic Brod & Taylor sharpening knife also has a very similar design to two grinders. This item has an impressive 4.5 star rating among online users. The promotional video compares the price of the Bavarian knife with that of the much more expensive, but highly appreciated 124 dollar electric sharpener.

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Exams from your Bavarian region

What do you think of the Bavarian region? Leave a comment below and the star rating is higher, so we know what you’re thinking.



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