Bell & Howell Disk Lights Review: Outdoor Solar Lights

Bell and Howell light discs are round, solar-powered LEDs that can be used for outdoor lighting. Do they really work? Here’s my review of Bell & Howell’s Disk Lights.

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About Bell & Howell Disc Lanterns

Bell and Howell Lighting Discs are round, solar-powered LEDs that can be used for exterior or accent lighting. The official website of the product is, which was registered in October 2017. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in January 2018

Overview of Bell and Howell

Claims and features

  • Solar LEDs for outdoor use
  • No wiring is required.
  • Just push them flat on the floor.
  • Provides 10 hours of lighting
  • It turns off automatically when daylight is detected.
  • Weatherproof stainless steel housing
  • Safe use with a lawnmower
  • Ideal for hard surfaces and vertical mounting
  • To repel intruders.


A set of four Bell & Howell record-breaking flashlights costs $19.95. Delivery is free of charge. I found Bell & Howell Disk Lights at the local Bed Bath & Beyond for about $20 and used a 20% coupon to reduce the cost to $17.

Bell Lights & Howell Disc Review

As someone who likes to provide the garden with accent lighting using solar panels, this proposal, as seen on television, has certainly caught my attention. Bell+Howell disc lamps are round, flat discs with a solar cell that charges all day and burns all night. There is a fixed rate that allows you to drive it into the ground to create accent lighting throughout your garden. You can also remove the pole from the lamp and lay it flat or use an adhesive holder to suspend the lamp vertically.

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When I first opened the packaging, I noticed that the manual made no mention of vertical mounting, and that there was nothing in the packaging to enable vertical mounting. The advertisement seems to indicate that it can be hung vertically with Velcro, but it is not mentioned or recorded.

You’ve probably seen a lot of brilliant As Seen products on TV over the years, and I’ve even made quite a playlist of them on my YouTube channel (see below). My theory about why this category is so popular is that this kind of devices are easy and cheap to make and generally work quite well.

There’s not much you can do with Bell & Howell disc lights except put them in the right place, charge them all day and enjoy them at night. As with any sunlight, its placement can affect the efficiency of its operation. If they’re in the shadows, they may not be loaded enough to stay awake all night. For example, you can hang them in a pavilion without exposing them to sufficient sunlight to work properly. Ideally they should look south when hanging and in full sunlight when lying down.

As you can see in the video below, I placed four lights in different places in my garden, and each light stayed on or at different times, although I would say that their claim that it would take 10 hours is correct.

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Another important point worth mentioning is that LED lamps were supposed to have been around for 10 years, but the battery that powers them certainly hasn’t changed. Although it seems weatherproof, extreme temperatures can shorten battery life. I missed the pipe of one of the lamps and it didn’t hit, so I think the claim that it’s waterproof is also true.

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For me, maybe the biggest fraud is the fact that they’re not very smart. My cheap accent lighting lasted longer and shone brighter than these Disk Lights. What I like most is that they are elegant and easy to place almost anywhere. I think this product will get mostly positive reviews and I expect the batteries to last about a year in most weather conditions, although I don’t expect much more.

Maybe in the past you have seen the name Bell+Howell, which was used in TV shows like As Seen. This is because the name is often licensed by these manufacturers, not because Bell+Howell suddenly started producing many As Seen products on television. In other words, the only link between Bell+Howell and Disk Lights is in name only. I will not let Bell+Howell’s reputation influence your decision whether or not to buy this product. This does not mean that, as you can see on TV, products called Bell+Howell are bad. In fact, I won first place in the Bell+Howell light bar ranking in my TV previews of the Top 10 2017.

Don’t forget to check out my full video review of Bell+Howell Disk Lights.


You may be surprised that there are many lights like this. Take a look at this set of 4 similar solar lamps, which can be shipped for free via Amazon Prime, and keep a solid 3.8 star.

There is a whole category of As Seen On TV light products, and I have made video reviews of many of those products. The playlist below contains all my reviews in this category, ranked by the most popular. Don’t forget to check out EverBrite, another solar-powered product. This point took about 13 months before the batteries were not recharged.

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Feedback on your clocks and lights Howell

Did you use Bell & Howell disc lamps or something like that? Leave a comment below and rate the stars above to tell us what you think.

Updated in February 2018.



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