The 5 Best Log Holders Online – #3 is Most Favorite

There’s nothing like a cozy fire on a cold night. Whether it’s in your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit, you’re going to need wood logs to build your fire. Cured wood burns better than fresh cut wood, so storing wood before you burn it is important. While you could just pile your wood in the backyard, that can look messy and unsightly. Also, if your wood is stacked on the ground, it is subject to destruction from moisture and insects. Furthermore, it requires an inconvenient trip to the backyard every time you want to make a fire in the fireplace. Keep your wood close and handy with a log holder. Log holders keep your wood neatly stacked and organized. They also keep your wood off the ground and therefore safe and dry. We reviewed a number of log holders to find the best ones out there. Read on for our reviews of the 5 Best Log Holders.

Landmann Log Holder

Our pick for best log holder is this gem from Landmann. It provides a rack for a huge load of firewood. This log holder is eight feet long and holds up to two-thirds of a face cord of wood. It is made with heavy duty 18-gauge tubular steel, which is very sturdy and very durable. There is a black powder coat finish on the steel, which makes it rust-resistant and weatherproof. There are three log rails connected to each other to hold your logs with extra support. They also keep your logs high enough above the ground so they don’t get wet or corrupted by insects.

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  • Heavy duty steel
  • Rust-resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Holds 2/3 of a face cord of wood


  • No bottom surface

Amagabeli Log Holder

This is an amazing log holder from Amagabeli. It’s four feet long and four feet wide, so it holds a nice amount of wood while remaining compact enough to put in smaller spaces, indoors or outdoors. This log holder can fit up to one quarter of a face cord of wood. It has a very sturdy construction of tubular steel with a black powder-coated finish. Due to its sturdy construction, this log holder holds up to 330 pounds of wood. This log holder is shipped dissembled in parts, but it is very easy to put together. It takes about 10 minutes and does not require any expertise.


  • Tubular steel
  • Holds 330 pounds of wood
  • 10 minutes to assemble


  • Light

ShelterLogic Log Holder

ShelterLogic makes a spectacular log holder. It’s really, really long. 12 feet long, to be exact. So if you want to store a whole bunch of wood, this is the log holder for you. The one-and-a-half inch tube frame will hold strong under a ton of wood; this log holder has been tested to hold up to 1,100 pounds of wood. The DuPont Premium Powder Coat Finish protects against chipping, peeling, rust, and corrosion. This log holder comes with a two-way adjustable cover that keeps wood dry, even when stored outside during inclement weather.


  • 12 feet long
  • Holds up to 1,100 pounds of wood
  • Comes with two-way adjustable cover


  • Velcro seal on the cover
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Panacea Log Hoop

For a slightly different style of log holder, check out this one from Panacea. As opposed to the usual rectangular shape, this log holder has a circular shape. Its hoop-style design with the metal tubes in clean lines gives this log holder an elegant appearance that will look great next to your fireplace or on your back patio. The heavy duty steel tubing and powder coat finish give this log holder the long-lasting strength to hold wood indoors or outdoors. This log holder can be assembled in only a few minutes. All you need is a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench, and you’ll be stacking wood in this log holder before you know it.


  • Circular shape
  • Powder coat finish
  • Easy to assemble


  • Smaller capacity

Sunnydaze Log Holder

For another excellent rectangular-shaped log holder, consider this one from Sunnydaze. This log holder is 49 inches long and 48 inches tall, so it has a generous amount of room for wood without taking up too much physical space. This log holder holds about half a face cord of wood, which is enough for a number of fires. The tubular steel that this log holder is comprised of is 30 millimeters in diameter and one millimeter thick, so it is sturdy and built to last. This log holder comes with a PVC cover to protect the wood, as well as a one-year warranty.


  • Thick tubular steel
  • PVC cover included
  • One-year warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a face cord?

A face cord is a way to measure stacked wood. It commonly refers to a stack of wood that is 8 feet long, 4 feet high, and 16 inches deep.

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What is tubular steel?

Tubular steel refers to the shape of the steel. It is steel in the shape of a tube. So steel that is in the shape of a hollow cylinder or a hollow long, narrow rectangle.

What is powder coat finish?

Powder coat finish is what the outside of the metal is covered in. It is made by powderizing resin and pigment, which is then charged with static electricity so it will stick to the metal.

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