Best Steak Knives of the year 2020

After 45 hours of research we decided what we consider to be the 14 best steak knives currently available on the market.

For steak knives we have improved a number of important features, such as manure type, knife and handle material, washability, safety features, customer satisfaction, value and much more.

We have developed a wide selection of steak knives that have something for every taste and need.

The restaurant has high-quality knives that you can carry to the table at home when you sit down to eat a steak.

From unique Pakkawood wooden handles to smooth black steel handles and many other options, there’s something for every taste and every culinary level.

Take a look at our best files, carefully selected by experienced reviewers. From uncertified straight blades to serrated blades, there is a steak knife on the kitchen table.

Straight or serrated blades – which is better?

The first question you should ask yourself when deciding which steak knives are best for you is which ones you want. There are two options: straight or jagged.

To answer this question, you need to think about what you are going to cut most often with knives.

Straight cutters cut non-fat meats such as chicken and sirloin cleanly and easily, without smoothing or chopping.

Straight knives are also excellent for cutting fruit and vegetables, making them generally an excellent choice for versatility in the kitchen and at the table. They can be dulled much faster than serrated knives, but they are much easier to sharpen than serrated knives.

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Cartilaginous knives are most suitable for thicker meats, such as pork chops, New York steaks and the main rib, which contains more fibrous fat in all so-called marbles. The teeth work in such a way that they break down the fat and fibres of the meat during cutting.

Knives with serrated notches are not as easy to sharpen as knives with a straight edge, but because of the serrated notches they have a long life span in their cutting performance. They may not be very versatile in the kitchen because they are not an excellent choice for cutting fruit and vegetables.

If you are looking for a real steak knife and want to cut steak with it first, choose a blade with a serrated edge. If you need a more versatile knife for cutting fruit, vegetables and meat, use a straight knife.

What makes a complete knife and why is it so important?

If the knife is forged from a single piece of steel from the tip to the handle, it is considered to be a complete interface. When a single piece of steel is used, the knife falls apart much less often and is more likely to stay longer at your table.

When it comes to the durability and reliability of the blades, complete interfaces are important.

Wood or plastic can be riveted to steel to form a handle. This gives the knife weight and style without sacrificing strength and balance.

Find out more about the latest innovations from WÜSTHOF, Bellemain and DALSTRONG – with serrated and straight blades, a solid bar, German steel and well shaped handles.

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See the 14 best steak knives in


Whether you need a great gift or want to enhance your own set of steak knives, the knives we’ve included in this list are sure to give you the perfect edge, style and durability you expect in the kitchen and at your table.

Whether you are looking for an elegant wooden handle, a gift box or a complete set, we hope our steak knives will help you find a professional set to suit your needs.



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