Top 5 Infant Umbrella Strollers – #3 is Best Convertible Stroller

The umbrella stroller is every traveling parent’s best friend: it’s a lightweight, compact, and highly portable stroller. And typically, umbrella strollers are far more affordable than a regular stroller. Although your child does need to be at a certain point developmentally to use an umbrella stroller (mainly, they need to be able to hold their head upright independently, which is usually around 3 months old), it’s never too early to begin thinking about which umbrella stroller to go with. So whether you’re making your baby registry or finding yourself in need of a stroller back-up, check out this list. We’ve got the 5 best umbrella strollers that parents and caregivers are loving today.

Summer Infant 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

This umbrella stroller has all of the key features, none of the extra weight, and comes in at a fair price point as well. The aluminum frame is both durable and light (13 pounds), and can easily accommodate a child of up to 50 pounds. The front wheels have anti-shock features, which combined with a 4 position reclining, comfy seat and a canopy, make for an especially cozy ride for your child. The 5-point harness adjusts to 3 different height positions, a feature that many umbrella strollers fail to include.

And although many umbrella strollers sacrifice storage, this one features a 10 pound capacity basket under the seat. Also included is a rear storage pocket and a cup holder.


  • In addition to the canopy, there is a pop out sun visor for those extra sunny days.
  • Easy 3-step fold.
  • Auto-lock and a carry strap that makes travel super easy.


  • In order to fold the stroller, you have to remove the sun visor.

gb Pockit+ All-Terrain Umbrella Stroller

This gb Pockit+ has all of the durability, flexibility, and functionality that you could want in an umbrella stroller…and it’s ultra lightweight to boot (it’s only 9.5 pounds!). With a UPF50+ canopy and a reclining seat, your baby will be comfy, protected, and relaxed wherever you’re exploring. And while many umbrella strollers have stationary wheels, this stroller features swivel-front wheels that have locking capabilities.

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The under-the-seat storage is on the smaller side, but what it lacks in storage it makes up for in how compact this stroller becomes…making it truly ideal for travel.


  • 7 color options.
  • Swivel optional front wheels make it more all-terrain friendly than most umbrella strollers.
  • Fits up to a 55-pound child.


  • 5-point harness cannot be moved higher or lower on the back.

Summer Infant 3Dflip Convenience Stroller

Typically, umbrella strollers only face one way: forward. This means that they are not appropriate for children that don’t have full neck control. However, this completely convertible stroller has 6 different positions, 3 in the forward-facing position, and 3 in the rear-facing position. There’s even an infant head support for a rear-facing position, which accommodates a child up to 25 pounds.

So, if you’re planning on a trip or some travel prior with an infant and still want the convenience of an umbrella stroller, you’re in luck.


  • 6 positions that are easy to adjust.
  • Lightweight, aluminum frame that folds in three easy steps.
  • Rear wheel locks.


  • Smaller basket size for under-the-seat storage.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Compact Travel Stroller

While umbrella strollers tend to fall into a budget-friendly category anyway, this compact guy is the most budget-friendly of all. What’s more, you’re not sacrificing style, convenience, or accessories just because you’re paying a bit less. Featuring an extended canopy with a peek-a-boo window, Baby is able to stay out of the harsh sunshine and you can still keep an eye on them. And for being such a compact stroller, there is ample under-storage for your diaper bag and snacks.

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Perhaps one of the best features? There is an easy one-hand fold feature that makes traveling with this a breeze.


  • Parent tray with two bottle holders as well as extra storage.
  • Reclining seat, 5 point harness.
  • Maximum weight recommendation hits at 40 pounds.
  • Lightweight, at just under 12 pounds (ideal for travel!).


  • Seat does not recline completely flat.

Delta Children LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller

Need an umbrella stroller but think you’re out of luck if you have more than one kiddo? Good news: you’re not. This tandem umbrella stroller by Delta Children has all the features of a single seater, but with two seats instead. You’ll find all the accessories, such as an attached cupholder, two individual European-style canopies, and two hanging storage bags. Each seat has a 5 point harness with built in shoulder pads and a foot rest for each child, as well.

Although this is a double, side-by-side seater, the stroller still fits through any standard 30″ doorway. And Disney parents, listen up: this stroller meets all of Disney’s size requirements for strollers.


  • Budget Friendly! For being a double stroller, this umbrella stroller still comes in at a budget-friendly price point.
  • Four color choices.


  • Maxes out at 35 pounds per child, or 70 pounds total.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are umbrella strollers safe?

Umbrella strollers are perfectly safe, provided you follow a few guidelines. First, your child needs to be able to hold their head up independently. Typically, this happens around 3 months of age, but every child develops at their own pace.

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Second, you’ll want to keep an eye on the back load. If you’re hanging a heavy diaper bag or backpack from the handlebars, the stroller will become too top heavy and flip up (and this can happen with your child in it, if their weight does not counteract the weight of the bag). If storage is an issue for you, make note of the umbrella stroller you’re going with…does it have ample storage room underneath? Most umbrella strollers tend to have a storage basket under the seat of the stroller.

And last, you’ll want to make sure the straps are securely in place. Umbrella strollers are typically lower to the ground, and thus it’s a bit easier for little escape artists to pop out of an umbrella stroller should they not be secured properly.

What type of terrain are suit umbrella strollers best?

Umbrella strollers are not joggers nor are they are all-terrain strollers. What umbrella strollers are best for is for travel. Their wheels are smaller and don’t tend to have much for shock absorption, so these strollers are ideal if you’re traveling to a theme park, headed on a cruise, or are otherwise in need of packing up a lightweight, compact stroller that doesn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles but definitely comes in handy.

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