Copper Fit Energy Socks Review: Are they working?

Fit Energy Socks are copper compression socks designed to improve comfort, performance and durability. Take a look at our report Copper socks that fit energy socks.

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Via copper sockets

Fit Energy Socks are copper socks that are advertised to support your feet and provide more comfort.

The official website of the product is, which was registered in April 2016. The screenshot below shows what the official website looked like in July 2016. Please note that prices have changed since the end of 2016 (see below).

Examination of copper socks

Claims and features

  • Available in black or white.
  • Two sizes: S/M and L/XL
  • Energy support
  • Improves leg comfort, performance and endurance.
  • Supports the bow, legs and calves.
  • Gradual compression
  • Copper-filled fabric for odour reduction


Note: As shown in the screenshot above, the initial cost of the energy socks for two pairs was $14.99 + $4.99.

Current price $19.99 + $3.99 delivery. That includes two couples. At the time of writing this article we haven’t seen any energy socks in the shops yet.

Overview of energy stocks

Copper Fit is a brand of sports products – especially compression clothing – that is relatively well appreciated. This Copper Fit brand photo features graduated compression stockings designed to provide support and comfort to the legs, arch and calves.

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Traditionally, compression stockings are worn by people suffering from diseases such as diabetes or lone fasciitis. In recent years, however, athletes have also started to use compression stockings for comfort, recovery and support.

Regarding the question of whether compression stockings can improve athletic performance, we will return to the article that noted this:

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A study showed that 21 male riders, in a two-stage test, one with and one without compression stockings, were able to wear compression stockings for a slightly longer period of time until exhaustion. The anaerobic threshold has also risen slightly, especially when cycling and jumping. The theory is that tights prevent muscle vibrations on the side and increase muscle performance.

However, Ali found that in many studies that showed improved performance, there was no placebo or control, making it almost impossible to determine whether the improved performance was actually due to compression or the athlete’s perception of compression.

No matter if compression stockings are scientifically proven or not, people who believe in compression underwear don’t worry. In recent years, Copper Fit has become a proven and trusted brand and most of its products have received positive feedback from consumers. At about $20 for two pairs of compression socks, I think Fit Energy Socks copper socks are a good buy.

Based on Copper Fit’s previous offers, I expect them to be available in stores for around $20 by the end of 2016 or early 2017. Bed Bath and Beyond and Fry are good places to look for new ones, as you can see in the TV products.


Dozens, even hundreds of compression stockings are available in stores and on the Internet. A quick search on Amazon to find compression stockings gives you a dizzying range of choices.

Two years ago I saw on TV a pair of copper compression stockings called Miracle Copper Socks, which offered almost the same advertised benefits as the Fit Energy Socks. This product is still sometimes found in stores and is relatively well received by consumers.

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Your Energy Sock Valuation

If you have used Copper Fit Energy Socks, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below and rating the stars above.

Updated in December 2016 to reflect the updated price



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