Egg Sitter Review: Does this Cushion Support Work?

Egg Sitter is a gel pillow that is advertised to relieve muscle and back pain. Does it work the way it’s advertised? Here’s my review of Eggs Catering.

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About an egg cell nurse

Egg Sitter is a soft polymer seat cushion that provides support and comfort in any chair. The official website of the product is, which was registered in May 2017. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in December 2017

Checking the laying of eggs

Claims and features

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Suction pressure points
  • Honeycomb design keeps the head cool
  • Maintains air circulation
  • Made of a durable and ultra-flexible polymer


There are currently two proposals for eggs from laying hens. The main offer includes an egg and a lid for $39.99 + $9.99. The double offer consists of two egg seats and two non-slip lids for $59.98 + $9.99 postage for a total of $69.97. The Deluxe Offer includes one Deluxe Egg Omelette and one Deluxe Cap for $49.98 + $9.99, or the Double Deluxe Offer includes two Deluxe Egg Omelettes and two Non-Slip Carbon Caps for $74.97 + $9.99 for a total of $84.96.

I bought a babysitter egg from BulbHead for about $40.

Examination of sitting on an egg

Egg Sitter is a gel cushion that can turn even the most uncomfortable chair into a soft and comfortable chair. There is nothing special about the egg-layer, except that it must be placed in a non-slip lid and used on a chair of your choice.

The name Bunny Egg refers to her egg test, where the egg is placed on a pillow and the consumer then sits on the egg. Because the pillow is so soft that the egg won’t crack, even if someone sits directly on it. This is not the first time an egg test has been used. In the past, the royal purple seat cushion was advertised with exactly the same test, so this is probably the reason for the name of this product.

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Another test presented in the advertisement is a glass shell resting on an egg. Although I found that the pillow surprisingly passed the seating test many times, it did not pass the cutting test at the first attempt.

The secret of the hare’s egg lies in the cellular model, which helps in weight distribution and absorption. Unlike some other gel pillows I’ve seen in the past, this one should actually look like a gel pillow, but not enough to go straight down. That’s why I think most consumers need to find the Egg Sitter to find the right balance between support and sweetness.

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In any case, you must ensure that the cover stays in place when you enter, as these gel pads have a slight adhesion that facilitates the accumulation of dust and deposits. Another point of attention is the temperature of the materials. Although it is advertised as a pillow that keeps you cool, someone like me, who doesn’t like being cold, can accept the problems associated with this feature. In fact, these gel pillows do not seem to store heat like other pillows. It can be excellent in summer, but not so desirable in winter.

Checking the laying of eggs

The babysitter’s egg didn’t pass the shell test.

Checking the laying of eggs

Egg holder.

Checking the laying of eggs

Get up after a successful laying test.

One of the possible scams is that the manual states that it is not intended for use in a hot car. Therefore, in warm weather it is advisable to bring it indoors or place it outside. If the temperature of the pillow exceeds 105 F, the manual recommends not using the pillow or sitting on it until it has cooled down. I think it’s because it can deform the pillow when it gets cold.

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The cost of two seat cushions may seem high, but compared to the cushions discussed below, it is actually about half the price of a comparable cushion. Of course it would be nice if you could only order one, but mandatory double contracts are common (and unfortunate) in the As Seen television industry. Please note that by buying BulbHead you are bypassing the current TV offer.

Below is my complete video review of the egg.


There is no shortage of gel seat cushions. The $60-$90 WonderGel support pillow is probably the closest to the Egg Sitter and is highly appreciated by hundreds of consumers. I think it could be the predecessor of the purple pillowcase or even the Nitter himself.

As you can see on TV, the bamboo cushion has been advertised for years, and here’s my video review of it.

Egg sitting exams

Did you use an egg seat or something? Leave a comment below and rate the stars above to tell us what you think.

Updated February 2018



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