Egglettes Review: Does this work?

Eggs are non-stick silicone shells for boiling hard-boiled eggs without shells. Do they work in harmony with advertising? Here’s our egg store.

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About omelettes

Eggs are small egg-shaped trays that boil without shell, without hard-boiled eggs. The official website is, the registration date is June 2017. The following screenshot was taken from the product website in September 2017.

revision of the egggett judgment

Claims and features

  • The silicone shell breaks and boils the eggs.
  • Peeling the shell is not necessary.
  • Boil hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs and small omelettes.
  • Non-stick coating (finished eggs hatch easily)
  • Easy to clean (dishwasher safe)


A batch of six eggs costs $14.99 + $3.99 shipping costs, for a total of $18.98. Each set comes with a recipe booklet and a microwave for cooking eggs. The Deluxe model comes with an egg holder and an egg timer. Eggs are available in the store for $10 per pack of four.

Examination of eggs

When I first saw the Egglettes commercial, I realized I’d already seen something like it. This product was called Eggy and was announced about six years ago. The aesthetics and function were almost identical to those of the eggs. Of course, the lid is now red, and the shape of the bottom and the lid is slightly different, but on the whole I think it’s the same product – with some remarkable improvements.

To use the eggs, simply open the egg and place it in the appliance. Then attach the lid and place it in a pot of boiling water. As soon as the egg is ready, open the lid and the boiled egg jumps directly onto the plate. At least, that’s what the ad tells us.

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It’s a fairly simple process, but it probably takes a few times before you know how long you can cook the eggs to your liking. As you can see in the video below, it was all about making hard boiled, medium cold, soft boiled and chicken eggs. Don’t forget that the eggs are round on one side and flat on the other, which seems strange but doesn’t affect the taste.

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The good news is that when you cook eggs this way, you get hard-boiled eggs, and I think most people will find that it works the way it is advertised.  Other benefits include the ability to check and see when eggs are fully cooked and the ability to add ingredients before they are placed in the water. Probably enough compelling qualities for some people to try.

When a product like this or Eggix is most likely to fail, it is placed on a non-stick coating. Although the instructions say that you should use three short spray cans of cooking spray or olive oil, I have discovered that a strong cooking spray is the best way to prevent the eggs from sticking. If I used oil, the eggs would usually stick. When I had leftovers, it was very difficult for me to clean up. Using a bottle brush or a sponge on the abrasive side is the best way to clean the handles after the remains have accumulated.

Another potential problem is the ability to break the ice without spilling it. I spilled one of the capsules at least once. After all, if you find that the eggs stick to the inside of an egg by adding time to cleaning the egg, the total investment time can be longer than if you just clean the eggs the old-fashioned way.

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The egg cells improve the condition of the egg in one of the most important areas, namely the silicone material. The eggs are made of harder plastic, which is not non-sticky and can cause problems in removing the eggs from the machine. If you don’t spray them with cooking spray, you still run the risk of scraping the egg off the side of the shell.

I ordered a Deluxe Egglettes, containing a timer and a stand. The egg timer was inaccurate and didn’t even call back when the time was up, even though I noticed that the medium had a certain value.


You can take a closer look at some of the comments about Amazon’s Egglets, where the 2.9 star rating is discreet, with about 70% of all ratings being stars, which means that the Egglets actually solve some of these problems. If you want to see the best rated product in this category, take a look at this microwave egg cooker from Nordic Ware. It costs $10 and has 4.2 stars among over 2,300 reviews.

Television advertising

Compare eggs to Eggetics and see how similar they are, even by the way they are sold.

Linked video

I have a special place in my heart for As Seen on TV Eggs, and the video below is one of my YouTube videos comparing some of the classics in this category.

Omelet examination

What do you think of eggs? Leave a comment below and the star rating is higher, so we know what you’re thinking.

Updated March 2018.



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