FastBall Review: The Best Phone Mount in the World?

FastBall is a magnetic holder for your smartphone or tablet that attaches to the dashboard and can be rotated 360 degrees. Does it really work? Here’s my review of FastBall.

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About FastBall

FastBall is a swivel media holder that allows you to view your phone from any angle in hands-free mode. The official website of the product is, which was registered in January 2018. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in November 2018

Fastball Magazine

Claims and features

  • Installs a mobile phone or tablet on the dashboard
  • Magnetic steel ball and handle hold the device firmly.
  • 360 degree rotation for hands free vision
  • Adhesive tape can be used to attach the substrate to almost any surface.


The official website proposes a double mandatory offer when ordering FastBall. Shipping costs are $19.99 + $7.99 for a total of $27.98. Additional upgrades include two titanium-clad luxury FastBalls and six docking stations. The price of a double luxury package is $29.98 + $9.99 for a total of $39.97. In November 2018 I bought Fastball at a local Walmart for $9.88.


When I first saw the name FastBall, I immediately remembered the band of the same name from the 90’s, which I had seen at a concert many years ago. But unfortunately this Fastball has nothing to do with the band, but it has been announced as probably the best phone mountain in the world. I recently heard about Fastball when I tested it at the local Walmart in November 2018, so I picked it up and tried it out.

To use the Fastball, attach the ball mounting foot to a solid, unstructured surface using the supplied 3M adhesive tape. The lack of attachment to textured surfaces is a bit of a scam as it eliminates many dashboards and car walls. However, I found a spot in one of my cars with a relatively flat and smooth surface where I could try it out.

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The other half of the Fastball is a magnetic base attached to the back of the phone, which is also secured with the supplied adhesives. Despite the fact that the plug in the commercials was described as ultrathin, I found it to be the thickest chip in the whole product. In fact, it’s to thick like my iPhone 7 plus. I suggest you connect him to the case, not the phone itself. An extra set of glue is included in the delivery if you want to move the Fastball later.

After applying both parts, wait 24 hours for the adhesive to cure before using the machine.

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After completing the first installation and waiting 24 hours, I found that Fastball worked better than the other phone holders I had used in the past. He didn’t move, he didn’t shake, he didn’t jump and he didn’t fall. It’s easy to turn and easy to start. After setting, the phone remained firmly in place until it was moved or removed from the base station. For another test I put the phone on the holder and let him stay there to see if he would be home on time. The next day, 18 hours after the phone was placed there, it was still in place.

One of the things advertising doesn’t do is that you can attach the phone to any metal surface without needing a foot, because the plug is magnetic.

Finally, my disadvantages for the Fastball are the thickness of the magnetic coupling and the fact that it needs a new glue and a curing time of 24 hours to move. The good news is that he holds the phone well enough and doesn’t seem to suffer from vibrations or seem to hold it in place for a long time. I don’t know if I can say it’s the best phone holder in the world, but it works pretty well, especially if you’re not planning on moving the base too much.

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Below you will find a complete overview of Fastball.

Reviews of your FastBall

Did you use FastBall or something? Let me know what you think!



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