FiberFix Reviews: Does this work?

FiberFix is a water-activated repair blanket that must be 100 times stronger than tape. Here you will find our FiberFix overview and information about the most important products.

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About FiberFix

This water-activated adhesive tape is advertised as a permanent fixture for household items. The official website of the product is, which was registered in November 2007.  The domain was also used in advertising, but is no longer active.


  • Headlines: Don’t replace it, FiberFix! and fix it forever with FiberFix.
  • Combines the strength of epoxy resin with the lightness of adhesive tape.
  • Easy to use – simply activate with water and wrap like a ribbon
  • It hardens very hard and solid in 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Works on almost all surfaces, can be sanded and painted, is waterproof, heat and cold resistant.
  • Ideal for repairing water pipes, car tubes, construction and workshop tools, outdoor equipment and household items.
  • You can find it on The Home Depot in sizes 1, 2 and 4 inches.
  • No tools required

Fibre correction checks

This is a disposable repair kit with a wide range of applications. The blanket is immersed in water and then wrapped like a ribbon. It only takes a few minutes to cure.

The FiberFix website describes the product in this way:

FIBER FIX Super Tape combines the strength of epoxy resin with ease of use. That’s how it works. Just soak it in water to activate the special resin and wrap it like a ribbon. The curing takes only 2 to 5 minutes and with FIBER FIX Super Tape the repair is finished forever. FIBER FIX Super Tape is waterproof, heat and cold resistant and works in almost any environment! It is ideal for daily use because it is very easy to use and only takes about 2 minutes. Broken rake brace – Fiber Fix! Leaking pipe – fix it! But don’t forget your boat, your van, your emergency equipment, your camping equipment and almost anywhere you need to repair something the first time. If you are working or doing your job, you must have a fibre attached. Whether it is made of metal, wood, plastic, iron, aluminium, copper, rubber or PVC, it binds to the strength of the epoxy resin and the winding capacity of the tape.

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So FiberFix really works?

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Our tests can be described as mixed. The main advantage of FiberFix is that it is sustainable. It certainly fits in the advertisement as an extremely strong and durable tape. Unlike ordinary tape or even adhesive tape, FiberFix is first activated by immersion in water. Then just pack it up and let it dry. After a resting period of about 10 minutes, the tape adheres to itself and forms a permanent fixation. It is a convincing product, which means that the sticker can now be a long-term solution for household appliances.

The biggest complaint we’ve heard from readers is that the amount you get for the costs seems quite low. ¬†Another problem is that this is a one-off and you have to use the whole product after opening. It seems to work better with some applications than others. Once you are ready to use, try the smallest available box and buy it locally at The Home Depot before investing in large quantities. Have you tried? Where did you put it and it worked?


Depending on your needs, the most popular alternative you should consider is Gorilla Tough & Wide Tape, which costs around $11 and has been awarded 4.8 stars among hundreds of consumer reviews.


There is a range of products, from a 6-inch roll to a large mixed package that can cost around $100. You can buy FiberFix directly from Amazon, where you are likely to find the best prices.


Below are the screenshots of the official websites for 2013 and 2016:

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On this page the website is presented as it has been broadcasted on television since December 2013.

A screenshot of September 2016 shows how the homepage of the product has become more professional.

Fibre correction checks

Have you tried FiberFix? Give us your opinion in the comments below and write them down with an asterisk at the top.

Updated on 4. September 2016.



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