Free-Way Review TV: Free HD TV?

TV Free-Way is a product that allows you to receive television for free. This is our free TV magazine.

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About TV Free Way

TV Free-Way is an alternative to accessing various TV channels such as news, sports, etc. via cable or satellite.

The product website is, which was registered in May 2015. The screenshot below shows the official site in September 2015, and the update was unchanged until July 2016.

Free access to television

What do they ask for?

  • Free television without contract or hidden costs
  • Crystal clear HD display
  • Easy to set up
  • Available everywhere.

The television highway costs

You can get free television for $14.99 + $7.99 S&H. With the TV Free-Way Plus option you can add an 8-foot extension, bracket and suction cup for $24.98 + $7.99 S&H.

You can double the offer for $7.99 and $17.99 respectively.

Free TV call

TV Free-Way is brought to you by the telemarketing giants of television brands. This product can be described as their response to Clear TV, a popular product of their competitor Tristar, which has continuously promoted it since its first appearance in 2013.

The advertising for this kind of antennas is fascinating: You can watch your favorite shows in HD for free. In view of the rapidly rising costs of cable and satellite television, this product is very similar to a product.

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And there’s good news and bad news for consumers.

The first is good news: Free-Way TV provides an uncompressed video signal that in many cases is equal to or even better than the cable signal. The broadcasting of a football match, for example, may even look better on free TV than on cable TV.

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And now the bad news: This is a normal TV antenna. You will only receive those programs and channels that are broadcast in your region, so generally only the main networks and local stations. You will receive the news not only via the cable channel or sports channels such as CNN, ESPN, etc., but also via the internet.

Remember that you can only place the usual free-to-air TV offerings on the back of your TV set, so you cannot adjust the placement for optimal reception. Normally the antenna should be placed next to the window to get the best reception.

TV Free-Way will not replace all cable or satellite TV, but it may work well for devices that do not have access to cable or for days when cable TV is not available. Major sporting events can also be watched via the uncompressed free-to-air TV signal instead of the compressed cable signal.


A number of similar schemes have been advertised on television in recent years. The closest is probably the Clear TV Key (also called Free TV Key), which has a similar design and function.

There are a number of other TV antenna plug-ins that vary greatly in size and shape. Some also include power amplifiers to maximize reception. It might be worth a look.

Television advertising

Reviews of your Free Way TV

Let us know what you think of TV Free-Way by leaving a comment below and awarding a higher rating to the stars.

Updated on 28. July 2016.



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