Fushigi Review: Is this a Magic Gravity Ball?

Fushigi is a new ball that seems to defy gravity and stands on its own in your hands. Does it really work? Here’s my assessment of Fushigi.

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About Fushigi

Fushigi is a sturdy, transparent ball used for contact juggling. With the exercise it may seem as if it floats and moves independently with its hands. The official website of the product is fushigiball.com, which was registered in January 2010. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in October 2017

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Claims and features

  • It turns out that swimming and levitation
  • Take a few turns.
  • Relaxing and therapeutic
  • Fun for all ages.
  • 30 day money back guarantee (excluding P&H)


The Fushigi Ball costs $19.99 + $6.99 in shipping and accommodation for a total of $26.98. It comes with an instruction DVD. At the time of writing this article Fushigi is not commercially available.

Fushigi magazine

Fushigi is a pure ball that appears as to defy gravity, and is described as the magic ball of gravity. If you are familiar with the Fushigi Ball ad, you have probably seen advertising for this product in the past, as it has been around since at least 2010 and seems to be advertised every year before the holidays.

If the commercials give the impression that anyone can take Fushigi and immediately create impressive illusions, it won’t be so easy for most people. That’s because it’s a contact juggling ball and the illusion is in the hands of the interpreter. There is no trick or mechanism that makes this ball special.

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Juggling contacts takes time, practice and patience. The balloon itself is only an instrument used by the performers. And like a contact juggling ball, he’s in the middle of the pack. It is clear that the ball does not float, and there is no hidden device that it seems to float. It’s a clean bullet with a silver centre bullet, that’s all. The last few years an anti-gravity ball with a string has been announced, but not Fushigi.

If you want to learn how to juggle contacts, this may be a good place to start – with a little patience and perhaps a large dose like the YouTube video.

Since Fushigi Ball has been around for so long, it’s easy to find customer reviews, and unfortunately they’re not very good. On Amazon it currently has a rating of 3.1 stars, and almost half of the ratings are stars. The reason for this division seems to fall into two camps: Problems with the ball itself and did not meet the expectations due to marketing

As for the sphere itself, some people complained about disadvantages, for example that the central silver sphere was slightly off-centre, which could destroy the illusion. Others said it was just a balloon, and it was. Many consumers seem to be interested in marketing and think there is something special about the Fushigi ball that makes it seem to float. It doesn’t help that it is described as a magic gravitational sphere, although is in reality only asphere. Fushigi’s magic is therefore a performance practice and not something special that has to do with the ball.

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If you want to learn how to juggle contacts, Fushigi might be for you. But if you expect a magic trick with wires or some other mechanism, you will be disappointed.


If you are just looking for a contact to juggle balls, this $17 model is highly appreciated and can be shipped via Amazon Prime, while this slightly more expensive model is currently listed as Amazon’s Choice.

If you are looking for Floating Ball, you might be interested in my video review Whirly Ball.

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