Granite Rock Pan Review: Nothing Stick, huh? I’m going to find out!

Granite Rock Pan is an aluminium frying pan with a three-layer durable non-stick coating. Does it really work? Here’s my review of the granite frying pan.

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About PanGranite stone

Note: Granite stone has been renamed Granite stone These are the same pots, with a slightly different name

The Emson Granite Saucepan is an aluminium saucepan with a non-stick coating, made of three layers of hard granite stone. The official website of the product is, which was registered in March 2018. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in October 2018

Panoramic view of the granite

Claims and features

  • Light
  • No need for oil or butter
  • Granite stone non-stick coating
  • 10 inch aluminium pallet
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Resistant to a heat wave of up to 500 degrees.
  • Does not contain PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid).
  • Safe use with metal bowls
  • Dishwasher safe


10 Pan Granite costs $19.99. Delivery is free of charge. A free eggcup is included with every order. I found a 12-inch granite bin at the local Bad & Beyond Bed for $29.99 and used a 20% coupon that lowered the price to about $24.


As the television programs show, marketers seem to have an obsession with non-stick stoves, as evidenced by the seemingly continuous flow of these stoves in recent years. The current generation of As Seen non-stick pans on TV seems to have started around 2013 with the Orange pans and a few years ago with the copper pans. And now we have a new type of stove, namely the Blue Diamond Pan and the Granite Rock Pan, which I’m talking about. Note that the name is sometimes stylized as granite skirt.

Ads for granite frying pans contain many typical demonstrations that you have seen in similar ads over the years, such as an egg whirling lightly in a frying pan or a stone breaking into pieces without leaving a scratch. The big advantage of the granite container is that nothing sticks and no oil or grease is needed. I thought it would be easy to check when I recently lifted a 12-inch square pan.

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When I use one of these new pans, I usually try to avoid high temperatures, especially when using oil – which I haven’t done in my demonstrations here. However, this often leads to many consumers destroying this new generation of non-stick adhesives. Don’t forget to use abrasive cleaners and let the pot cool down a little before you put it under water.

I wanted to replicate the most sensible manifestations presented in the advertisements, ignoring some of the strange displays of power that could go to pot. So my first test was a simple egg, without butter. Although the rotated effortlessly around the , only a minimal offset was needed to allow the egg to move freely in the pot. Another egg-based demonstration was a dish with six eggs, several slices of bacon and crushed cheese. After heating until the eggs were completely cooked, I was rather surprised that it all escaped without even having to turn back.

In two other demonstrations I tried to burn cheese in a pasta and then burn a strange mixture of chocolate, caramel and cheese. In both cases everything came out of the pot very easily and minimal cleaning was required.

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In another pasta I burned marshmallows in fatal granite pans, red copper pans and blue diamond pans to see how the other pans relate. The granite plinths of the marshmallows fell immediately, the blue diamond required minimal movement, while the red copper pot forced me to soak a pot to remove the cooked marshmallows.

After all, I’m a fan of Granite Rock Pan. It surpassed any other non-stick program I’ve seen in years. Will it last in time? That’s a question I still have to answer. Be sure to watch the video update below over a year

After the publication of the report below, I continued to use the granite rock, and so far my results match what you see in the video. For me it was the most impressive non-stick object I have ever seen. I find it strange that other critics have claimed that the Granite Fateful Pail immediately failed because my experience with the Bucket was not negative. I cannot explain why there is a difference, whether it is due to the technology of the user, the different production cycles between the pots, or any other unknown factor. I can only report my own findings, which are equally positive.

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Don’t forget to read my full review of Granite Rock Panno below.

You can see the update below after one year and more than a hundred uses. In this video I have performed the same tests to see if there are any signs of damage to the non-stick surface. It looks just as beautiful to me as the first time I bought it.


If you are looking for a non-stick frying pan with a high rating from a famous manufacturer, this Cuisinart 12 frying pan with lid, which has a solid rating from thousands of customers and sells for about $27, would be a good start. If you want to buy a granite frying pan, you can also buy a 12-inch pan or even this 10-piece set from Amazon.

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Comments on your granite panel

Did you use Granite Rock Pan or something? Let me know what you think!



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