Hero Brush Review: Water-powered Spin Brush

The Hero Brush is an automatic partial brush, which is operated with water pressure from a standard garden hose. Does it really work? Here’s our Brush Hero review.

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About the Hero of the Brush

The Hero brush is a water-based car cleaner with a rotating brush. The product website is brushhero.com, which was first registered in June 2015. The image below shows what the product page looked like in April 2017.

Brush control

Claims and features

  • hair spinner
  • is driven by a standard garden hose.
  • Cleans tires, hoods and rims.
  • Neither power nor batteries are needed
  • Versatile use (cleaning of outdoor furniture, barbecues, bicycles, boats, etc.)


The hero of the brush costs $34.99. Apparently the delivery is free. It comes with a black brush for finer cleaning and a white brush for harder cleaning.

You can find the hero brush on Amazon for about $35.

Brush Hero Review

Brush Hero is a rotating brush that connects to your hose and allows you to clean different surfaces. The main advertised use of Brush Hero is to clean cars, such as the rims or grille.

To use the Hero brush, select the brush you want to use (hard or soft), attach it to a hose and apply your favourite detergent to the surface to be cleaned. The hero brush has a switch that allows you to turn the water on or off, so you don’t have to go back to the tap to adjust the water. This switch can be turned on with the thumb.

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Another interesting feature is that you can quickly detach part of the Brush Hero from the hose and attach another nozzle to it. This is possible without having to switch off the mains water.

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I had a chance to see the Brush Hero in action, and I saw that he worked the way he was advertised. It delivers an impressive torque, even when digging in hard-to-reach places.

Of course, there were several potential points.

If you have the rims of your car, which are very much advertised, it can be inefficient to clean all corners and combs, no matter which brush you choose.

For those who live in protected areas (like me), it seems that much more water is used than with other methods (such as bucket and sponge). Because the water flows during use, you will also want to clean from below. If you clean from top to bottom, all detergents are washed when you reach the bottom.

There is a wide range of applications for Hero brushes, and the product will be more effective for some purposes than others. I’m not sure that cleaning the rims of a car is the most effective work for Hero’s Cleaner, although it seems that most consumers use it for this purpose.

In my case the Hero Brush didn’t save much time on the CD’s, and with 35 bucks I hoped it would work out. ┬áDon’t forget to read some of the hundreds of reader comments on Amazons to feel the praise and criticism for Hero of the Brush.

In general, opinions are overwhelmingly positive, but there is a large minority of dissatisfied customers who also need to be heard.


Some users like the idea of a rotary wiper brush attached to the drill, such as this $16 scraper brush, which is highly appreciated on the Internet.

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