Lizard Cam Review: 4-Foot Cam Inspection

The Lizard Cam is a small HD camera attached to a 1.80m rolled up handheld device that can be connected to any smartphone. Does it really work? Here’s my report on Cam’s lizard.

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About the lizard Cam

The Lizard Cam is a high-resolution mini camera attached to the end of a 1.5 m long flexible hose. The images can be viewed in real time on the included color screen and are used to view hard-to-reach places. The official website of the product is, which was registered in October 2017. The two screenshots below show what the product page looked like in December 2017 with a different template than the screenshot of August 2018.

View of the lizard

December 2017

View of the lizard

August 2018

Claims and features

  • Micro HD camera with 4-foot hose
  • Look for places that are difficult to reach (ventilation pipes, behind appliances, sewers, toilets, etc.).
  • Contains LEDs at the end
  • Waterproofing
  • Colour monitor included


The lizard camera costs $39.99 with free shipping. There is an additional double offer for a separate price of $29.98, including a flashlight with atomic beam. Each device comes with three accessories (mirror tip, magnetic tip and hook tip).

Cam Lizard Magazine

The advertising is convincing: Camera with backlight at the end of the flexible hose, allowing you to look into narrow spaces and behind large objects. The lizard camera is an As Seen television inspection camera with which you can do exactly that.

To use the lizard camera, turn it on with a single button under the color screen and catch fish on the line where you want to see them. The LED lights on the top of the camera illuminate your path as you guide the hose into confined spaces or behind large objects such as a refrigerator. You can see all the actions when the lizard’s camera transmits video to the supplied screen. The quality of the screen is not particularly suitable for high definition, although the LED lights are certainly bright enough to illuminate the path. The application possibilities are virtually unlimited: from car work to home repairs. The included expansion modules provide some additional features, including a hook that allows you to remove objects that have fallen into the sewer or other hard-to-reach places.

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In general, it is a simple but elegant design that I believe will meet consumer expectations. I think Cam’s lizard could be a TV sale in 2018.

Although I really think that Lizard Cam generally works the way it is advertised, there are a few concerns. First of all, in some cases a 4 foot flexible cable can be too flexible . For example, when I tried to push the camera against the wall, I noticed that it wasn’t stiff enough and that it eventually fell. The only way to keep a cable in the air is to hold it against the middle. If you push it horizontally or downwards (like a drain), there is of course no problem.

My other small complaint is that I often had trouble aligning the camera so that the image on my screen is correct. When I took the device under the fridge, I often had to hold the device with one hand and twist the cable with the other so that I could see the screen in the right direction. Again, none of these warnings should stop you from considering this plane, but these are the only two minor complaints I have received. Otherwise, I think he’s working as advertised.

Take a look at my complete overview:


You may be surprised to find a range of Bluetooth cameras on the Internet costing around $30 to $40. This $37 Depstech model is Amazon’s best-selling model and has a solid 4.4 star rating from over 800 customer reviews.

Feedback about your lizard camera

Did you use Cam’s Lizard or something? Leave a comment below and rate the stars above to tell us what you think.

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Last updated: August 2018



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