Magic Creeper Review: No Ground Clearance

Magic Creeper is a universal car slider with no ground clearance.

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About the Magic Vine

Magic Creeper serves as a track for small objects on the ground or in motion.

The website of the product is, which was registered in July 2012. The screenshot below shows the official website in March 2016.

The magic lantern

What do they ask for?

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to store
  • Unattended
  • Works smoothly on any surface
  • Heavy objects that are easy to move
  • Does not detract from an expensive floor covering
  • High strength, impermeability and leak resistance

Magic cursor Costs

On the official website you can get Magic Creeper for $89.95 + free shipping. You can also find it in the official Amazon store for $73.


The Magic Creeper is a tracked vehicle with no wheels and no ground clearance, allowing you to manoeuvre in areas with low ground clearance. It also makes it possible to use it as a rail to move up to 1.5 meters.

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The design of Magic Creeper is simple, because it is a round multilayer filling that rests and slides on itself. It is a small rail on which you can lie down and roll under vehicles or other invisible objects. It can be stored compactly and can even be used to move objects around the house or garage.

The use of Magic Creeper is different from other products used for this purpose. Some will be absolutely delighted with the compact design and zero backlash added to your work. It turns out to be quite solid and can be cleaned with a jet of water without damage.

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Despite the general praise for Magic Creeper, we have received certain benefits. The first is the prize. For a price of about $90 this can seem expensive for the amount of material used. There is also the problem of the slider output, which can slip if you are not careful. There is not much filling between you and the ground, but you can be sure that the standard wheel scratches also have little filling.

At the time of writing this article Magic Creeper was rated with 4.1 stars by Amazon (see link above), with a ranking of about 3 years.

Because if the price is not an obstacle to the transaction, you can be impressed by Magic Creeper. On the other hand, if you think $90 is too expensive, you might as well settle for a few pieces of cardboard.

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Comments on your Magic Creeper

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