Micro Mechanical Review: Does it work?

Micro Mechanic is a diagnostic scanner that tells you why the engine indicator light is on. Does it really work? Here’s my overview of micromechanics.

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About micromechanics

Micro Mechanic is a Bluetooth device that connects to your vehicle’s OBD II data port and sends diagnostic information about problems and their severity to your smartphone. The official website of the product is getmicromechanic.com, which was registered in June 2017. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in October 2017

micromechanical tests

Claims and features

  • Connect to the vehicle’s diagnostic port to work.
  • Run a diagnostic immediately.
  • Used on all vehicles manufactured since 1996.
  • The information is sent wirelessly to your smartphone.
  • Practical diagnostics
  • The diagnostics application works with iPhone and Android devices.
  • Portable website
  • Save money and prevent fraud.


The cost of the Micro Mechanic web service is $29.95 + $1.00 for a total of $30.95. There is an optional double offer that costs $29.95 + $9.95 double offer + $1.00 web service fee for a total of $40.90. Delivery is free of charge for both offers. At the time of writing this article MicroMechanic was not commercially available.

Micromechanical inspection

The advertising for micromechanics is convincing: It shows a woman receiving an engine light from her car. She gives it to a mechanic who tells her that her gas station is weak and charges her $250 for information. If she invested $30 in Micro Mechanic, she could simply connect the device to the car’s data port and display the warning on her smartphone’s application.

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All gasoline vehicles of model year 1996 or later will have a data port accessible via Micro Mechanic. To use the micromechanics, simply connect them to the data port and possible errors will be described using the smartphone application. While anyone can probably benefit from a device like Micro Mechanic, those who have experienced some automotive problems will probably want to try it. Remember, for someone who is not very tech-savvy, you can download a free application and sync the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth. But once they are synchronized, all you have to do is connect them, open the application and read the diagnosis.

In case of minor problems, such as in your example with a loose tank cap, this device can be written off quite quickly.

I have used several of these devices over the years. The old diagnostic scanners I used had built-in screens, but sometimes the information was displayed in a rather mysterious way. In micromechanics, the results are based on non-technological types and provide information in a clear and easily understandable form. Once the consumer has checked the information provided, you will probably hear about the rare cases where an error is not detected or where pairing with the device is difficult. With such a diagnostic instrument, we can expect a small number of complaints, but they will be few.

Don’t forget that micromechanics seems to be the tested product on the market. This means that delivery can be rather slow because they often make a product for the consumer after the first orders have been received. We expect to have to wait more than a month for him to get here. I’ll expand this area if anything changes.

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Micro Mechanic is very similar to FIXD, the automotive health monitor that is now in its second generation. This item has a respectable rating of 3.9 stars among a few hundred consumer reviews. At the cheapest end of the value spectrum you can get an OBD II, which is also a Bluetooth diagnostic scanner and works for only $20. You may have seen advertisements for CarMD in recent years that also provide diagnostic results, but you don’t need a smartphone for that.

Test your micromechanics

Did you use micromechanics or something? Leave a comment below and rate the stars above to tell us what you think.



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