MicroTouch Solo Review: Trim and Shave The Same Blade?

MicroTouch Solo is a precision male grooming product that cuts, shaves and combs. Does it work after playback? Here is our review of MicroTouch Solo.

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About MicroTouch Solo

The MicroTouch Solo is an intelligent shaver with double-sided stainless steel blades, integrated lighting and a pivoting head. The official website is microtouchsolo.com, the registration date is January 2015. The screenshot below was removed from the product website in May 2017.

Solo microtouch display

Claims and features

  • Ideal for precise care
  • Safety by touch
  • Rotation of the contours of the head towards the facial features
  • High-quality double-sided stainless steel knives
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin.


The cost of MicroTouch Solo is $24.99 + $5.99 for shipping and hosting for a total of $30.98. Comes with 3 different care tips and an extra cutting head. I found a $24.99 MicroTouch Solo at a local Walgreens store in August 2017.

MicroTouch Solo Review

If the name MicroTouch is familiar to you, you have probably seen advertisements for skin care products such as the MicroTouch Max and the MicroTouch Tough Blade, the latter played by Brett Favre.

The brand again uses the MicroTouch Solo, a hybrid electric trimmer and shaver that allows multiple shaving tasks to be performed with the same blade. With the Micro Touch Solo you have a shaver that looks like a conventional cartridge shaver, but at the same time works like an electric shaver or trimmer.

One of the three accessories allows you to cut, shave or trim the exact edges of your facial hair. One of the advantages of MicroTouch Solo is that it doesn’t need to be used with shaving foam and doesn’t cause shaving injuries because it doesn’t come close to the skin like an ordinary razor blade. In fact, the manual states that should be used with water or shaving foam instead of .

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In advertising it’s not entirely clear, but this type of razor won’t give a child the close shave some men want. It effectively trims your facial hair and gives you a very short and even coat, but not a close shave or a safe razor. During my tests I discovered that it was almost as close as a razor and much closer than a normal beard trimmer. I think most men will find that acceptable.

I find it a little strange that this razor claims that optimal performance is achieved by moving the razor against the grain, and I thought that was correct. This does not apply to the use of a beard trimmer.

To cut off the edges and the beard itself, I think most men will find it an excellent hybrid razor. Even coarse hair should not be compatible with the MicroTouch Solo. You can’t use it for the scalp or underneath, but you can use it for any other hair.

Like the MicroTouch Max, it has built-in backlighting, which may or may not seem useful depending on the angle at which you hold the device. Most men shave in a well-lit bathroom where the light is usually not a problem.

What I didn’t see was the cost of the replacement knives. A similar Philips OneBlade (see below) sells replacement blades for about 11 to 12 dollars, so I think the blades can be a few dollars cheaper. I will update this section as soon as I receive more information.

Solo microtouch display

Double-bladed MicroTouch Solo.

Solo microtouch display

Shaving against the grain is optimal and leaves very fine hairs behind.

Solo microtouch display

Cutting the edges is efficient and easy.

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It would be difficult to talk about MicroTouch Solo without mentioning Philips Norelco OneBlade, which looks and works like this. This article is available for about $35 and has a solid 4.2 star rating of over 1700 reviews at the time of writing. You can compare the two points before making a final decision. Since the MicroTouch Solo is about $10 cheaper and has similar features, it could be an interesting alternative to the Philips model.

Video review

Below you can see my complete overview of the MicroTouch Solo and compare it to the Philips Norelco OneBlade.

Individual comments on MicroTouch

What do you think of MicroTouch Solo? Leave a comment below and the star rating is higher, so we know what you’re thinking.

Updated August 2017.



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