Mighty Sight Review: Are they working?

Mighty Sight is a pair of As Seen magnifiers on your TV that have LED lights on both sides. Do they really work? Here’s my powerful look.

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About Powerful Vision

Mighty Sighty is a form of Free-Sighty glasses with enlarged lenses and built-in rechargeable LEDs. The official website of the product is buymightysight.com, which was registered in March 2018. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in September 2019

A powerful overview

Claims and features

  • Glasses with LED lighting
  • Increases visibility by 160%.
  • Reduces visual fatigue and tension
  • Can be worn over medicine jars…
  • Suitable for everyone.
  • The frame is flexible.
  • Comfortable and lightweight


Mighty Sight can be purchased on the product’s website for $27.98 ($19.99 + $6.99 S&H + $1.00 for the web service). There is an optional dual application at an additional cost of $6.99. This brings the total to $34.97. Each order comes with a hard case for storage and a USB charging cable. Mighty Sight is also available on As Seen on TV for about $20, or you can find Mighty Sight on Amazon for about $28.

Powerful research

Mighty Sighty are reading glasses with integrated LED lights. I bought them from the local shop As Seen on TV, although they are still widely available on the internet. When I opened the Mighty Sight package, I noticed that the bag advertised on the website hadn’t been delivered to the store with my purchase. Instead I was given a carrier bag, which is not a breach of contract, but I was a bit surprised. Then I read the instructions, which stated that the glasses should be worn on the tip of the nose and not on the bridge of the nose. What I found interesting was the fact that all the actors in the Mighty Sight commercials wore them on their noses – which is wrong according to the instructions!

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One of the first things I noticed about Mighty Sight was that they looked like the Big Vision glasses that were announced a few years ago. Especially the frames are similar, the logos are in the same place and both contain lenses with a magnification of 160x. In fact, the objectives themselves were very similar. So Mighty Sight looks more like an updated version of Big Vision with built-in LED lights, although this is pure speculation.


Mighty Vision (left) versus Big Vision (right).

After opening the package, I put the glasses on the tip of my nose to see how they feel. The zoom worked just as well as I tried to read the manual. With a bottle of vitamins I tested the magnification range, which seemed to work best in the 6 to 12 inch range. Surprisingly, LED lamps have had a positive effect. However, the LED activation button on the frame is not positioned very well and it is very easy to accidentally press it while working with the glasses.


Charge port and power button for Mighty Sight.

As a small experiment I tried to wear glasses on the bridge of the nose instead of on the tip of the nose, and they seemed to work the same way. My next experiment was to put them on glasses. Mighty Sight hardly suited him, and the increase seemed huge, but I had to keep the vitamin bottle closer to my face. Although they supposedly work with prescription glasses, I tend to believe that a larger frame can be problematic for Mighty Sighty.

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Wearing a powerful vision.

For my next experiment I used a USB charger to fully charge the LEDs. Then I turned on the LED lights to see how long they would last. After about three and a half hours the light-emitting diodes were dimmed considerably. At that moment I tried to read the vitamin bottle in the dark with my glasses, but I couldn’t read the impression on the bottle. After about 30 minutes of charging the light I was able to read a printout on the vitamin bottle in the dark with fully charged LEDs. The manual actually said that the LEDs should only give about 3 hours of light, so it seemed right to me.

In summary, the Mighty Sight essentially consists of 1.6x reading glasses with LEDs. Reading glasses are cheaper and less bulky. So the decision to buy a Mighty Sight mainly depends on whether or not you have to pay for the backlight.

You can read some of Mighty Look’s comments about Amazon to find out more.

Corresponding video

Below is my full Mighty Vision review and below is my Big Vision review from 2017.


For those looking for an accurate, handmade solution, take a look at this $15 headband magnifying glass. This pair of $20 illuminated reading points is currently on Amazon’s Choice, where you can still view Big Vision, which is almost the same, but without the backlight.

Feedback on your strong visual skills

Did you use a Mighty Sight or something? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!



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