Nutrislicer Review: Hand-Cranked Cutlery Slicer

The Natristleaser is a hand cutting machine that quickly cuts vegetables, fruit and cheese. Does it really work? Here’s my assessment of Nutrisker.

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About NutriSlicer

The Nutrislicer is an easy to use kitchen appliance with which you can cut and shred different dishes. The official website of the product is, which was registered in November 2017. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in March 2018

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Claims and features

  • Cut
  • Quick and easy.
  • Suitable for dishwashers
  • Contains three interchangeable stainless steel drums
  • Recipe book to download


Food tablets cost $19.99. There is an additional double application for a separate fee of $6.95, for a total of $26.94. Delivery is free of charge for all offers. I found the NutriSlicer in my local Bed Bath & Beyond for about $20 and used a 20% coupon to lower the price even more.

Revision of the NutriSlicer

When I first saw the ad for Nutrislicer, I immediately remembered the kitchen appliance my father had bought in a 1970s TV commercial called Kitchen Magician, which he not only used for decades, but found on eBay many years later as he continued to use it in the 2010s. This item was a food processor with a large round knife, which was rotated with a crank while cutting food. The Nutrislicer is similar, but uses cylindrical drums instead of flat discs.

To use the Nutrislicer, simply select the drum you want to use (for chopping, cutting or mincing), connect it to the handle and place the desired food in the chute. Then turn the knob while pushing the food into the appliance. When you turn the handle, the food falls out of the appliance and turns into a bowl on the floor. One of the interesting features of the Nutrislicer is that it can be locked by pressing a lever that provides suction to keep it firmly in place while working. It will not slip if you push the food into the chute and turn the handle. I noticed that the lock only seemed to hold for a while before it weakened and had to be locked again.

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The result depends on the combination of power supply and gutters you use. Harder foods such as carrots or potatoes seem to be better than softer foods such as tomatoes, which is probably the case with most choppers. The grated cheese and cauliflower did well, but not the chopped cabbage or celery. It may also be that softer objects don’t always slip out of the machine, and you’ll have to catch a lot of fish in the drum when you’re done. It seems impossible to adjust the thickness of the discs, which are sometimes quite thin – maybe too thin.

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Of the three knives I found the shredding knife (which seems to be called a shredding knife on the website) the least useful. Most of the things I missed with the leaf were muddy. The onions, for example, were so pasty that I had to scrape the soup off the drum. I had more luck with a zucchini in the sharpening blade, which turned out to be angel hair pasta, although I still prefer the zucchini blade.

I found that in some cases (e.g. potatoes) I had to make a lot of effort to get the food through the machine, while in other cases (e.g. nuts) I didn’t make a lot of effort.

The size of the trough is quite small and can be problematic if you want to cook a lot, while the idea of turning the cooking handle seems quite old-fashioned in the modern culture of kitchen automation. With the exception of the stainless steel drums, the rest of the appliance is standard plastic.

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Cleaning the Nutrislicer is easy, because all you have to do is take the parts apart and wash the large pieces, and then rinse them with hot soapy water. I put all the pieces in the dishwasher and they fit perfectly.

I’m not sure most users will find it as universal as advertising, simply because it seems to work better with some foods than others. If your main application is some kind of cheese grind, it may work for you.


It’s no surprise that you can find very similar items on Amazon Prime that are delivered faster and cheaper. For example, this $26 model is very similar to the NutriSlicer and has a respectable 4-star rating.

Maybe you are interested in my article about the Veggie Bullet, an electric kitchen mixer that is a more efficient way to cut and chop, but for a much higher price.

On the other side of the price range is Crank Chop, another manual kitchen mill. It does not cut, but it is quite effective and is easy to find in stores. See my evaluation of this product below.

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Comments about your Nutrislicer

Did you use Nutrisker or something else? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Updated April 2018



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