Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Review: Compared to Two Other

Pocket hose The Silver Bullet is a retractable garden hose that expands when filled with water. Does it really work? Here’s my report. The silver bullet in the pocket tube.

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About the Silver Pocket Tube Ball

Pocket garden hose The Silver Ball is a flexible garden hose that does not tear, bend or crack. The official website of the product is bulbhead.com, which was registered in October 2013. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in March 2019. You can also find this product on the website brassbullethose.com.


Claims and features

  • The outer casing of the special bale is not torn or broken.
  • Advanced aluminium connectors compatible with external conductor end sleeves (no cables)
  • Seamless design that does not bend
  • Expandable and compressible
  • Compact design for easy storage


The price of a silver pocket tube is between $20 and $50, depending on the length and place of purchase. Available lengths are 25 feet, 50 feet, 75 feet and 100 feet. It can be purchased online at Bulbhead and in stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Ace Hardware and Home Depot. I took a 50-foot hose from Bed Bath & Beyond for $29.99.

Overview of silver ballpoint tubes

Responses to retractable snakes have been rather mixed since their first appearance at the beginning of this decade. These people are light, but they are unlikely to maintain good health in the long term. This means that many people have to buy a new one every one or two years. Many consumers complain in particular about the need to empty these hoses after each use and store them indoors, in the sun or in harsh weather conditions. For your information: I prefer metal, as you can see in TV pipes that seem to last longer (I have a metal garden pipe and a Hercules pipe for 2 years each).

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Since the introduction of the rack hoses in 2012, many different versions have been published. The pocket pipe line alone had as far as I know at least 7 previous versions, and now I have a 50 foot silver ball pocket pipe which is the latest adjustment.

My main question about the pocket pipe is why they keep releasing new versions. Every year a new retractable hose seems to appear, which is stronger than the previous one, but consumer reactions remain mixed. If you compare the Silver Bullet with the previous pocket hoses, it seems the lightest, and the nozzle resembles the brass pipe of the bullet I picked up in 2017 – which was a bit uncomfortable.

I compared the Silver Pocket Hose Bullet with the 50-foot versions of Flexi Hose (Amazon’s choice) and TBI pro (Amazon’s bestseller). I filled the ball with silver so it would expand and then sprayed it in the garden to see how it worked. Then I’ll pressure him for 20 to 30 minutes before I bleed him out. After tapping and cleaning I rolled it up in a spiral and placed it in a storage room.

The tests for Flexi hose and TBI Pro were carried out in the same way. The hose was heavier and seemed to have a better grip with several adjustments. My biggest snag was that the on/off button was very difficult to turn, and I had to use the channel lock to unlock it. The TBI Pro was the most expensive ($40) but had the most impressive nozzle (made of a zinc alloy) and had a very smooth on/off lever. It was also supplied with a separator, pipe support and extra rings.

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I measured every pipe when it was retracted, and they were all measured in the 18-20 ft range, with the Silver Bullet pocket pipe being the longest. All hoses have passed the bend test, so it is claimed that these hoses don’t look accurate enough. The hoses are flexible at full water pressure. I was happy that the nozzles were interchangeable, so I used the TBI nozzle to perform secondary tests on other hoses.

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There are generally three types of complaints about retractable hoses. One of the complaints is that they sometimes burst after repeated use. The second common malfunction is that these hoses are stored for the season and then quickly decay when they are put back into service the following year. The third category of malfunctions occurs when some people do not follow the instructions supplied with the hoses and leave the hoses outside or under pressure for an extended period of time, causing them to malfunction. To give you a personal example: My brass bag hose burst after about 45 minutes of water pressure when I left it on a warm, sunny day in 2017.

On the whole, all three snakes have worked well so far, but based on my experience with retractable snakes so far, I do not expect them to last longer than a full summer season. My favourite of these three pipes is the TBI Pro, because it seems to be the best made and contains the most beautiful accessories, although these are the most expensive. Pocket Tip The Silver Bullet was my next favorite because of its light weight. After all, the Flexi hose was my least favorite hose because of my on/off problem. I will update this overview and my social media accounts with new information about the life of each pipe.

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Video yield

Below is my review of Silver Bullet Pocket Hose (and a comparison with the other two). Below you will find my old reviews of the brass pipe pocket ball and its refinement in the same year.


You can get the TBI Pro from Amazon or this high quality alternative from BKhome.

Your Silver Ball Wreath Reviews Pocket Pipe

Did you use a silver bullet with a pocket case or something? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!



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