Review by Air Hawk: Cordless Air Compressor

The Air Hawk is a rechargeable manual air compressor that allows you to inflate tyres and other items in minutes. Does it work after playback? Read my practical overview of the Air Hawk.

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About the Air Hawk

The Air Hawk is a manual air compressor with an integrated pressure gauge and automatic shut-off function. The official website of the product is, which was registered in August 2016. Below is a screenshot of the official website of February 2017.

aerial falcon sighting

Claims and features

  • Blows up every tape in seconds.
  • Digital display and LED lighting
  • Rechargeable battery
  • 12 volt adapter
  • Might blow other things up.
  • Automatic shutdown
  • 125 pounds per square inch


Note: The initial cost of the Air Hawk was $39.95 + $4.95 shipping costs. This has changed since then.

Air Hawk is available on the official website for two payments for the price of $29.95 + $14.95 P&H. This includes the Air Hawk, the battery, the AC charger and 3 accessories. There is also luxury equipment, including a carrying case, car charger and integrated LED lighting. A web service fee of $1.00 will be added to all orders.

In February 2017, the Air Hawk took off in stores for $60.

Air hawk research

The Air Hawk (not to be confused with AirHawk seat cushions or Air Hawk tyres) is a rechargeable air compressor. It is a multifunctional device that can be used to inflate balloons, bicycle tires, car tires, toys and much more. Three nozzles are included to adapt the unit to a wide range of products, which can be easily stored depending on the product.

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aerial falcon sighting

To use the Air Hawk, simply attach the nozzle to the inflatable object and press the button. The digital display shows the current pressure and you can set the unit to turn off when the desired pressure is reached. During my tests, I found that the device continued to operate after reaching the set pressure, although the pressure gauge does not show the continuous increase in pressure. Despite this mistake, he inflated his tyres much faster than the Air Dragon, a competitive air compressor advertised on television.

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The Air Hawk looks like a cordless drill, right up to the handle and the battery at the bottom of the aircraft.

Although the Air Hawk cannot completely replace a standard air compressor, it is certainly more practical if you need to inflate your bicycle tires or fill your car tires with air. Because it runs on batteries, you should not expect it to be as powerful or fast as a conventional air compressor. For most consumers, size, portability and convenience are probably a good consideration. I found that it takes about 6-7 minutes to inflate the tire, although there are many factors that can influence this time. I managed to inflate two almost flat tires with a single charge in about 12 minutes. The battery should be charged for about 15 minutes per charge and charging takes about 3 hours.

airport hawk per battery

Air Hawk Pro battery information.

career information

For more information about Air Hawk Pro.

I think the Air Hawk will be very popular with those who have realistic expectations of a battery-powered air compressor and don’t mind the sensor being a bit dubious. The $15 processing fee seems excessive and may be charged in full at the time of purchase at the store. Some potential customers have told me that six minutes to inflate a tire means a breach of contract for them.

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Air Hawk is still a relatively new product and the website was only launched in August 2016. That’s why you have to be patient with the delivery, which is often slower with new products, as can be seen on TV. Pick him up on the spot to avoid shipping costs and delays.

It turns out that at one point Air Hawk was redesigned and now carries the Air Hawk Pro brand, although its appearance is slightly different from what was originally shown in the advertisement. I don’t know if there are functional differences or if the name has just been changed from Air Hawk to Air Hawk Pro.


The Air Hawk looks a lot like that electric air pump from Ideaworks. This article costs about $50 and is rated by a small handful of 4-star consumers. Given that the shipping costs for Air Hawk are $15 compared to free shipping for Amazon Prime customers, the IdeaWorks version is more affordable. The Air Hawk is still a bit more expensive when bought in a shop, but you don’t have to wait for delivery.

Air Dragon is a BulbHead portable air compressor that you can see in my report below. Despite the fact that this article actually inflated the tire, it took 15 minutes and had to use the energy of the car’s battery.

Video review

See my first look at Air Hawk in the video below.

Relevant inspection

Below is a practical overview of a competing product called Air Dragon. You might be interested to know how it works.

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Air hawk field reports

Did you use Air Hawk? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment and a higher rating below.

Updated in February 2017.



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