Review by Tac Visor: Day / Night Car Visor

The Tac Visor is a small windscreen visor that improves colour recognition and prevents glare. Does it really work? Here’s my assessment of the tactical visor.

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About the Tacvisor

The Bell & Howell Tac Visor is a visor that filters the light from the windscreen, inspired by the front glasses used by Air Force pilots. The official website of the product is, which was registered in September 2017. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in April 2018.

tactical visor

Claims and features

  • Light filter
  • Prevents glare without obstructing vision.
  • Colour perception of accessories
  • Easy installation and configuration (a few minutes)
  • Under the influence of jet fighters, fighter pilots, face shields.


The Tac-Sight is $19.99. There is an optional double proposal for a separate royalty of $7.95, which would bring the total to $27.94. Delivery is free of charge for both offers. I found Tac Visor at a local Ash Seen store here in Las Vegas for $19.99.

Temporarily protected visors Overview

When I first saw the advertisement for the Tac Visor at the end of 2017, I immediately noticed two things: I’ve seen something like this before and I wondered how many Tac brand products they would bring to the market.

The Tac visor is a day/night visor that can be attached to your existing visor. There are two panels, one for daytime and one for night. You can easily flip each panel over or hold it in place when not in use.  It is true that I installed the Tac sight incorrectly when I first opened it, and I think others will too. A faulty installation leads to a distraction that is probably not even safe while driving. But after a correct installation is still, although less distracting.

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As you can see in the video below, I took Tac Visor with me for tests in the morning, day and night. I was very happy with the daylight panel, because it worked like polarized sunglasses. And yes, it’s polarized, as you can see on the special map. The Daily Panel can be useful for those who wear glasses, but not spectacles.

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I am less impressed by the night panel, because it seems to offer only a shade of yellow with little difference in brightness. I even compared them to the Tac Night Vision and Night View NV, two yellow night vision devices, and none of them made a strong impression on me and seemed to have produced a noticeable improvement in the night gloss.

There are several potential disadvantages to using the Tac Visor. As mentioned before, there is still a slight reflection, even if it is installed correctly. I’ve noticed that it seems to reduce the reflection if you tilt the panel a little. However, if you have a light-coloured shirt, you can still see its reflection in the visor of the Tac Visor. Another small problem is that the fingerprints are apparently quite easy to remove. Remember that your fingers touch the panel every time you use it. The side of the daily sign facing you looks like a mirror and appears to be subject to fingerprints.

If you look at the Tac visor on a website or in an advertisement, the design will differ from the version sold in stores. I suppose the prototype was used to include promotional material, but the final version was modified for production reasons. In fact, the final version of the Tac-Visor looks more like the HD-Vision visor than the Tac-Visor presented in the advertisement. The HD-Vision visor was very similar to the day/night visor of cars announced a few years ago.

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Below you can find my complete overview of the Tac Visor.

Updated August 2018:

After using the Tac-Visor in the sun and the heat of Las Vegas, it became considerably deformed and unsuitable. I don’t recommend leaving it under the influence of high temperatures for a long time.


As already mentioned, HD Vision Visor was a very similar product around 2014 and can still be found on Amazon for about $12. Since then, a number of similar products have appeared on the market, such as this $15 bestseller with an anti-glare visor.

Testing your Tacvisor

Did you use a Tac-Visor or something? Leave a comment and tell me what you think.



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