Review of Cop Cam: Wireless Security Camera

A police camera is a wireless surveillance camera of less than a square centimetre. Does it really work? Here’s my report on Cop Cam.

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About police camera

A police camera is a small security camera that records HD video. It also includes a motion sensor and a microphone for audio recording. The official website of the product is, which was registered in April 2018. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in September 2018

Overview of police cameras

Claims and features

  • Can be hidden almost anywhere (small and wireless)
  • Records high-resolution video and sound
  • Including motion sensor
  • Quick startup of the computer
  • Covers twice the size of the central room (up to 140° of the room)


The cost for Cop Cam is $49.97 (two monthly payments of $19.99 + delivery of $9.99).  There is an optional double application that costs $69.96 in total. Each camera comes with a swivel clip and an 8GB memory card. There is also a luxury offer for a total of $64.95. There is also an optional double luxury package for $99.92. The deluxe version of the camera has 4 times more memory than the normal version. You can find the Cop Cam in stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or Target in As seen on the TV gisle.

Overview of police stations

A police camera is a wireless security camera with a diameter of just under an inch. It has a one-touch function and recording modes for movies and still pictures. It records audio and video data and features night vision and motion detection functions. The package contains an 8 gigabyte microSD card, which I estimate can store about 80 minutes of video (which may vary). The video is looped, which means that when the archive is full, it goes back and the first recording of the video is made.


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After opening the Cop Cam, the first thing you need to do is recharge the device. Although it should be simple, I think the accusation is one of the most confusing aspects. When you charge it on your computer (with the included USB cable) or plug it into a wall outlet, you will see two different sets of charge indicators. For example, when you load it from your computer, the Cop Cam indicators change from red to green. When you load it into the wall, a red light blinks. When charging is complete, the light turns off when connected to the computer, but the light turns off when charging is complete from the wall outlet. When it loads from the wall, the Cop Cam always records video (which I find strange), but when it loads from the computer, it does not.

Motion detection

When you’re done loading, it’s time to remove it. I did some tests on my terrace where I installed a police camera on an old barbecue hoping to catch my dog Bailey as he walked around the house and outside. The first night I tried this test, nothing was recorded, although I confirmed that the red light was on when I installed it. The next day I tried to do the same test again, to make sure Cop Cam was busy. This time he fainted pretty quickly – when Bailey moved into the camera’s field of vision. At one point he stopped the move, but until then I played with Bailey for about 2 minutes, right in front of Cop Cam, without stopping the move. For the third motion detector test I left a fully charged police cell on the terrace for 11 hours when I left the house. It only seems to have taken about 30 minutes for it to come to a complete stop.

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To use the Cop Cam, press and hold the single button to start recording. I have tried to use the Cop Cam in different environments, including the dashboard, both in the hand and at night. I thought the colors sometimes seemed good, but sometimes everything was pink or purple. Compared to my Sony RX100 V, it was clear that there was no stabilization when using a Cop Cam in a portable device. The screen then indicates that the Cop Cam has a viewing angle of 140 degrees, but that it looks bigger than my camera and even my iPhone.

Other issues

I saw some additional problems with the time stamp and the microSD card slot. All videos are timestamped, which is not specified in the instructions. I didn’t know how to turn it off or install it, so my time stamp is still about 8.5 months. Placing a micro SD card underneath the camera also seems strange, because if you place it on a flat surface and then press a button, the card often jumps out of the slot when you press the camera. This means that you have to hold it in your hand and press the button before you put it in the right place.

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The instructions refer to the recording mode, which is activated when the button is pressed for two seconds. They say a green light appears to confirm that you are in photo mode. But I never saw the green light because it always went directly into video mode. If you hold it longer, it turns off, so I couldn’t test the recording mode.

The last problem I had with Cop Cam was that the files he created couldn’t be ready for my standard Windows video player, and I couldn’t import them into my video editing software to create my YouTube meeting. I had to use Windows Media Player to view them and I ran them through a lossless video converter to edit them. It seems that the AVI files created by Cop Cam use a codec that is not normally used.

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In general, I think Cop Cam is an excellent idea that has not been implemented properly. I hope that manufacturers will be able to correct some of these problems in future production cycles to bring them closer to their potential. If it works, it’s a nice little device. I just seemed to run into too many obstacles to make it work as I had hoped.

Don’t forget to take a look at my complete overview of the police cameras below.


Of course, there are many options in this category, such as a $52 mini espionage camera, which allows you to view them on your smartphone. Maybe you also remember the Polaroid cube that came out a few years ago and looks like a police camera.

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Comments on your police cell

Did you use Cop Cam or something? Let me know what you think!



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