Review of One Power Readers

The One Power Readers are one size fits all and automatically adjust your vision to all your reading glasses. Do they really work? Here’s my review of One Power Readers.

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Via a power reading device

The One Power Reader is a pair of glasses that uses the science of Flex-Focus optics to adjust the focus to individual needs. The official website of the product is, which was registered in May 2018. The screenshot below shows what the product page looked like in March 2019

Assessment of the readership

Claims and features

  • Automatic adjustment of the glasses (power range 5 to 2.5)
  • Viewing computer screens and small print without changing glasses
  • Can share (corrects vision for almost everyone).
  • 2 form options: half frames (square) or full frames (round)
  • The unisex design is available in 11 different styles and colours
  • Lightweight polycarbonate frames with strong spring hinges
  • Can be worn by contacts


A pair of One Power Readers costs about $15. They can be purchased online on the product’s website or on Amazon or can be found in some stores. I bought my pair at Target for $14.99. Additional pairs are sold on the product website for $7.99 per pair after the first pair is purchased for $14.99.

Influential Reader Review

An ad for One Power Readers was recently aired on television, which I watch on request. After unpacking the glasses I read the attached brochures, but there appeared to be no real instructions. To clean the lenses, we recommend using a microfibre cloth with glass cleaner (not supplied).

For my first test I put on glasses and started reading the enclosed leaflets. My first reaction was that they worked perfectly. In the past I have tested several reading glasses for my YouTube channel, so I decided to compare some of them with One Power Readers.

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During the first comparison test I set the focus of my camera to +2.5 and started skipping the lenses of the glasses in front of the camera. The few dollars for in-store reading (+2.5) and the One Power Readers are similar, with text in focus. Then I focus the camera on +1.0. A few company points (+1.0) passed this test, but the single-powered readers were a bit fuzzy, so I wondered if they read for autofocus. Maybe that autofocus was in the human eye and not in the glasses, so I kept going.

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My second test was much broader than the large number of point pairs. To be as accurate as possible, I tried these glasses on a book about 14 centimeters from my face. Some of the glasses I have tested are One Power Readers, Hazuki, Dial Vision, a +1.0 dollar reading glasses shop, a +2.0 dollar reading glasses shop, a +2.5 dollar reading glasses shop, Big Vision and Fine Optics. The results are varied, but One Power Readers have mainly focused on the 7-8 inch range. My vision became blurred when the distance was greater or lesser.

Recently a press group took the One Power Readers to the optometrist to test them on the device and the whole lens showed +2.5. They were unable to test the target at 0.5 as announced.  According to the information on the product’s website, the lens must automatically adapt to the eye using the so-called flex-focus optics.

In my experience, the One Power Readers did not configure themselves automatically, but they worked as a pair of +2.5 charge points. If you need a good pair of +2.5 points to read, One Power Readers works, but I wouldn’t invest too much in advertising requests for automatic correction from +0.5 to +2.5. This is my opinion, but others may feel different and have different experiences.

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Don’t forget to check out my full One Power Readers presentation below.



If you are looking for high quality reading glasses, you should take a look at this favorite Amazon. For ugly but effective glasses that can be adjusted automatically, you can go to Amazon to see a fake Dial Vision like this model that no longer exists.

Feedback from a Power Drive

Did you use the One Power Readers or something? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!



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