Review of Sletrokor: Weight Loss Supplement

Slethrocor is a weight reduction additive. Does it work? Read our report on Sletrocor.

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At the string

Sletrokor is a slimming tablet that would be most effective compared to other slimming products.

What do they ask for?

  • Can help suppress appetite
  • speeds up your metabolism
  • Improves the immune system.
  • No synthetic ingredients
  • Made in the United States

Channel costs

About $36-59 a bottle.


Sletrokor is a weight loss supplement with a strange name that has been featured in online advertising in recent years. The main ingredients of the product are Cambodian Garcinia, Aloe Vera, Sagrada Cascara and Elderly Gymnastics.

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It will not be possible for most consumers to find an exact overview of an herbal weight loss supplement. Add-ons such as Sletrokor generally have a wide range of responses from customers, and that’s no different.

Amazon readers give the product 2.5 stars, with an astonishing lack of 5 stars. Some claim that the product works for them, but almost the same number claim that it doesn’t work for them.

Remember, Sagrada Cascara can act as a laxative. If you have a sensitive digestive system, you may not react to it as you would like. Garcinia cambogia is of course an expensive product of the sellers of slimming products, although its effectiveness has been under discussion for several years.

The product website is, which was registered in August 2014. The screenshot below shows the official website in November 2015


Finally, Sletrokor is an herbal supplement that seems to have as many followers as enemies. If you have a sensitive digestive system, you’d better look elsewhere.

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Notes on your Sletrokor

Let us know what you think of Strucor by leaving a comment below and giving us a higher star rating.



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