Reviews of Tummy Tuck Belt

The hip belt is a weight loss system that offers three ways to lose weight. Here you will find our hip belt reviews and basic product information.

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They say this belt works in three directions: Wear 10 minutes a day without a change in lifestyle, wear with a change in lifestyle or wear to compress abdominal fat.

While the simple wearing method for compressing abdominal fat certainly works, the first two proposed methods are the big selling point – and very controversial.

The science behind their claims is lacking because they cite only two nameless studies that cannot be verified. Apart from these mysterious studies, there is no evidence that weight belts work, and in fact, the Federal Trade Commission has in the past fined the sellers of these products for false advertising. Opinions about the hip belt were mixed at best.

If you want to buy a hip belt because it looks like a belt, you may want to use it. Don’t forget, however, that all direct orders are automatically registered for the shipment of your car with your thermal cream, which is not useful in this case.

Belts for tummy tuck around

Theabdominoplasty technique causes a fat burning reaction that lasts 10 minutes, as if a switch is flipped which produces a fat burning domino effect away from the abdomen, long after the waist has been removed. Every day, when you perform a tummy tuck, you gradually reduce the fat around your abdomen.

Official website

  • Belly band
  • Date of incorporation: 03-Oct-2011


  • Telephone: 1-800-305-8988
  • Address : Belly-Forming Slimming System, P.O. Box 8349, Van Nuys, CA 91409
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Requirements and characteristics of a lap belt

  • There is no need for practice or an extra plan.
  • Gradually the abdominal fat decreases.
  • even without significant weight loss
  • Makes exercise and diet more effective in burning abdominal fat
  • It is not necessary to wear a belt during training.
  • You can find it at Walmart.

Cost of abdominal belt

  • 39.98 plus $9.83 shipping and handling charges totaling $49.81.
  • You will automatically receive your Thermo Accelerator Cream every 60 days for $19.99 per month plus $6.99 shipping costs. In other words, every two months you have to pay almost $50 for the cream.

Starting point of lap belt

  • Below is a screenshot of the location of the Tuck Belt, taken in February 2014:

Control of the tummy tuck

Television advertising

  • Below you can see a 5-minute advertisement for a belly cassette:

Abdominoplasty Examinations

  • Have you tried the hip belt? Give us your opinion in the comments below and write them down with an asterisk at the top.



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