Rodent Sheriff Review: Does it keep the pests out?

Rodent reefs are promoted as a natural method of pest control. Read our report on Sheriff Rodent.

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About Sheriff Rodent

Rodent sheriff is a spray that has to form a barrier to keep vermin out of your house. The website of the product is, which was registered in February 2015. The screenshot below shows the official website in February 2016.

Rodent reef report

What do they ask for?

  • Pest control with peppermint formula
  • Can be used where children and pets play.
  • Create a barrier to keep rodents away.
  • Time’s up.

Rodent Sheriff Costs

A bottle of Rodent Sheriff costs $10 + $7.95 for delivery. You can add a second bottle for $1.95 extra. There is a 30-day money back guarantee, but the P&H is non-refundable. You can now find Rodent Sheriff in the stores for about $10.

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Rodent Sheriff is a spray that contains a solution of peppermint oil, which would be the natural way to protect against rodents in your home. They say it’s safe for children and pets, but disgusting enough for rodents to keep them away from your home. Mice, cockroaches, raccoons and other vermin would escape the smell. Each 8-ounce bottle of Rodent Sheriff contains about 1000 sprays.

The idea of repelling rodents with mint oil is not only present in rodent sheriff. It has been a natural solution for the house for many years. Even pest control giant Orcin has a page on the use of peppermint as a rat repellent. One of the problems with this solution is that the amount needed to be an effective repellent tends to bother people in the house. As soon as the smell is acceptable to humans, they no longer repel rodents, but write them off.

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We contacted the creators of the rodent sheriff to confirm the ingredients. His answer was… Rodent sheriff: Rodent sheriff contains 2.7% mint oil, 0.1% sodium lauryl sulphate and 97.2% inert constituents (water and sodium benzoate-propylene carbonate).

If you think a mint shovel is an effective way to deter parasites, the rodent sheriff is for you. The costs are by no means lower than those of the competition, although ordering a new As Seen on TV product sometimes involves a long waiting time of a few weeks. Now that it is available in stores, you can search it locally to avoid shipping costs and delays.

On the Amazon you will also find a range of coin sprays, many with a 4+ rating. Perhaps you should read them carefully before making a final decision.

Sheriff’s Examinations for Your Rodent

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