Scrubtastic Review: Does that spinning scrubber work?

The Scrubtastic is a 300 rpm battery powered scrubber drier that makes cleaning easy. Does it work? Read our Scrubtastic review.

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About Scrabble

Scrubtastic is an electric tractor that allows you to easily wash your bathroom. Originally, the official website of the product was registered in August 2016. An association with Clorox was formed until 2017, and the official website is now called Below are screenshots of the official website, taken in October 2016 and March 2017. Note the absence of the Clorox sign on an earlier photograph.

poor overview

The cleaning starts in October 2016 before it gets the name Clorox.

check for clorrox friction

The website 2017 is produced under the brand Clorox.

Claims and features

  • How hard it is for you to rub…
  • Aid for the restoration of new obligations
  • Cleaning capacity of 300 rpm
  • It works with soap, lime and hard water.
  • Extension handle
  • Round and corner heads


You can get Scrubtastic for $39.95 with free shipping. The second unit can be added for an extra $10. There is a 10 year limited warranty.

I found Clorox Scrubtastic in a local mall in Kitchen Collection for $39.99.


Note: When I first looked at this item in October 2016, it was simply called Scrubtastic. It was renamed Clorox Scrubtastic in early 2017. It appears that nothing has changed in the unit, not even in the price.

Scrubtastic is a battery-operated, rechargeable bathroom cleaner. With its 300 revolutions per minute and retractable handle, you can solve uncomfortable cleaning tasks in your bathroom. Different cleaning heads are included, with which you can refine your cleaning.

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To use Scrubtastic, select the desired Cleaning Head and press the button. You can use it as a small manual cleaning machine or use an extension cord to stand during cleaning.

In general, it should work as advertised, although you should probably keep your expectations realistic. Most of these hand washers are well suited for light and medium duty applications, but require much more pressure in more rigid areas. An extension bar is a good thing, but can be uncomfortable because it exerts pressure on places such as the bathtub wall.


Scrabble is effective on tiles.


You can use Scrubtastic on windows.

Classic undergrowth clearing

I was satisfied with the results after using Scrubtastic on the shower door.

Bathroom washers have long been a favourite with advertisers and buyers of As Seen TV. In recent months I have evaluated several such products, including Hurricane Spin Scrubber and Turbo Scrub, which have many of the same characteristics as Scrubtastic. Perhaps because of the popularity of these products, Scrubtastic was renamed Clorox Scrubtastic. The visual difference between these three points is very small: from 300 friction movements per minute to the inclusion of the dome, flat and oblique brush.

In general, I think consumers will like Scrubtastic. These realistic expectations are probably the most satisfied customers. Scrabble should be more than sufficient for light to medium cleaning tasks. For more complex work it may be necessary to lubricate the dent with elbow grease.


Besides the Hurricane scrubber and turbo scrubber, the N Power Scrubber is perhaps the most popular alternative to the Scrubtastic. This product also has a refillable design, an extendable handle and two different heads. It currently has about 4 stars among hundreds of consumers.

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Below is a comparison between a hurricane spinner and a turbo washer.

Cleaning reviews

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Updated March 2017.



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