Socket Shelf Review: 6 outlets, 2 USB port, and a shelf

The socket board is a combination of an extension with overvoltage protection and a small board. Does it work after playback? Here’s our stock list.

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At the socket

The shelf holder is a docking or charging station that offers 6 sockets, overvoltage protection and a storage compartment. The original website was, registration date – October 2016. It is now redirected to, the official website since 2019. The new website was registered in 2017. The images below show the current website and the website of 2016, which still has a rotatable design, no USB ports and a lower price. in August 2019.

Spokes overview

Buy in May 2017.

Claims and features

  • Provides additional storage space next to each power outlet
  • Keep accessories tidy and gauges away
  • Creates 6 outputs from a single output
  • Integrated overvoltage protection
  • Installation is not necessary
  • 2 USB charging sockets (2.1 amps)
  • Line filter 15 Amps
  • UL list


The current value of the catching board is about $30, although at the time of sale in 2016 the catching board was worth $19.99 + $4.99 port and packaging + $4.99 mandatory bonus, for a total value of $29.97. I saw a $40 Deluxe model on Amazon with a higher current and an extra shelf. The original luxury model offered two USB ports, which now come with an ordinary device. It seems that in 2019 they waived the mandatory double bidding. You can find a retail department at Amazon or at stores like Bed Bath and Beyond for about $30 (don’t forget to use a 20% voucher!).

Overview of sockets

A nest box is a product that combines different ideas into one. There is a small storage shelf that can hold multiple items, 6 sockets to triple the number of standard sockets and two USB ports. The previous version ran in the same way as the lateral base, although this feature has since been removed. The device also provides overvoltage protection.

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To use the wall socket, simply plug it into an existing wall socket. As an option, you can remove the front panel from an existing base and screw on the base plate for a safer installation. You then have access to six sockets, two USB ports and a small shelf.

The shelf is wide enough to hold a tray, a phone or a few small objects. I don’t know if I would have placed the bottles of liquid on the shelf as indicated on the display, because I was afraid that even a small leak could end up in a wall socket, although my tests (see below) showed that it easily contained a lot of bathroom items.

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When I tested the power outlet shelf against Amazon’s two alternatives to the video below, I found that the power outlet shelf gave the best results and offered the most usable design. I prefer to remove the original front panel for a safer installation, although it can still rotate a bit back and forth when devices are connected or heavy objects are placed on the shelf.

Perhaps the biggest problem with power sockets is that many households place sockets under cabinets, limiting the usefulness of the shelves. In the video below you can see that I could not use the plugboard in the kitchen or bathroom because of the location of my plug. However, I have found it very useful in my room, where I tend to connect and charge most of my electronic devices.

In general, I think Socket Shelf is a worthy member of As Seen on the TV arena, despite the price, which seems a bit higher than it should be. Watch my full video below, in which I compare Socket Shelf with some of Amazon’s competitors.

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There are other products that are similar to the Socket Shelf that I compared to the Socket Shelf in the video above. Take, for example, the KMC surge protector for about $12 or the WALI output board for about $8. I have noticed that the socket board is superior to both, although with some design concessions it offers much cheaper alternatives.

Check your sales department

What do you think of the exhaust? Leave a comment below to let me know what you think.

This summary was originally published in May 2017. Updated in August 2019 to reflect the latest version of Socket Shelf.



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