The Greatest Pot in the World: built-in Swivel Strainer

The largest pot in the world is the one with a built-in filter. How does it work? Read our magazine The best pot in the world.

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About the largest pot in the world

The largest pot in the world has a built-in filter that rotates when you pour. The product website, registered in January 2016 The following images show the official website in February 2016 and March 2017.

The biggest pot of all

Screenshot of February 2016.

Overview of the largest pots in the world

Screenshot of March 2017.

What do they ask for?

  • Contains a built-in mesh filter that rotates during casting.
  • Very suitable for ready-made or steamed dishes.
  • Stackable storage capacity
  • Non-adhesive, dishwasher safe.
  • transparent cover
  • Copper version published in 2017

The best pot in the world costs

The cost of the best postal service in the world is $19.99, plus $8.99 for shipping, for a total of $28.98. At the time I wrote this article, I had not yet seen this product in stores.


It can be difficult to name a product in the best pot in the world, although it is generally assumed that the product at least has a fairly smart design. Thanks to the integrated filter that rotates during filling, the world’s largest pot makes it easy to eliminate sometimes problematic water stress levels.

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In addition to the tension, you can also use the world’s largest steam boiler if you leave the sieve in the boiler and put a small amount of water on the bottom. Thanks to the non-stick coating, the pan, colander and lid are dishwasher safe.

I saw the world’s largest pot for the first time in February 2016, and by April it was gone. Now, in early 2017, he has come back and jumped into a copper truck with a copper version offered as a free upgrade.

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One of the possible disadvantages of the world’s largest pot is that you lose capacity when you cook with a sieve in the pot, because the sieve is smaller than the pot. So they are limited to the size of a sieve, not a jar. We haven’t been told the exact size of the pot either, although it doesn’t seem to be very big.

The peripheral defect may be the name itself. At a time when marijuana is legal in several states, a Google search for the world’s largest pot tends to return pages related to the weeds that this product of the bait of the lakes on television.

I’m afraid the size is problematic for some users, but the overall design of the global Big Pot is quite fascinating. I am not sure whether the use of copper has any advantages over the version published in 2016.

Although you usually don’t mind making the medium pot smaller by turning on the built-in sieve, you will find that the idea of making the world’s largest pot is very clever and useful. Does it cost $30 to replace a standard filter for $5? Only you can decide that.

Testing the best pot in the world

Did you use the best pot in the world? Give us your opinion by leaving a comment below and rating the stars higher.



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